You don’t need the experience you think you do to start your dream business.

Quite the statement huh? :) And tbh, I kinda want it to be. Because soooo many crazy-talented women I know hold themselves back from everything they want, for this very reason.

The not-enough-ness.

But I guess I have to be sensible and add a lil’ disclaimer before we dive in…

If your dream career happens to involve life/death (such as being a heart surgeon, being a structural engineer or something of a similar ilk), then of course, the appropriate training and experience is necessary for the type of role you’ll be stepping into.

But for the rest of us, not-enough-ers, I genuinely believe you don’t need the experience for your dream business that you think you do.

Why? Well there’s a few reasons actually. Because what’s actually happening, is:

No. 1: You’re always underestimating yourself.

An internal report by Hewlett Packard found that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet only 60% of the criteria, but women only apply if they meet 100%. Sound familiar in your career so far? 😊

And I get it. You don’t want to fail. You don’t want to face rejection.

But y’see you could’ve met 65% of the criteria and officially be ‘more qualified’ than your male counterpart was at 60%, but because you underestimated yourself, the guy below you got the gig over you. Just because he gave it a bash.

So the ‘experience’ part isn’t worth half as much as you think it is. Even though YOU were better placed for the job.

And it’s the same in business, because what does matter – is not so much the letters after your name, but your commitment to deliver on your promise, and your dedication to continually improve.

Now what does all that tell you? 👉 That the only GUARANTEED way for you to fail and not get your dream career, is choosing to not act altogether. And remind yourself too that that, in itself, is a choice you make.

And this how I want you to start thinking about all the other opportunities like these in your life tbh; the only way to guarantee failure, (the very thing you’re avoiding remember!) is to not act, to hide, to underestimate yourself and to let it pass you by.

Yup. Gua 👏 ran 👏 teed 👏 failure.

Which we can both agree you definitely don’t want, right? 😉

No. 2: Qualifications can come later.

For sure, refining your brain’s toolkit and investing in your education is a smart move for anyone and everyone at any stage of life. I’m not undervaluing the power of qualifications and learning at all. I LOVE learning, I LOVE expanding my mind, I LOVE adding strings to my bow and am never shy to invest in myself – especially because it enables me to serve you in more impactful ways.

In fact I have a bunch of training programs teed up that I can’t wait to invest in, and I even chatted with my husband just this week about how amazing it’d be to properly study psychology too, to enable me to dig even deeper into the human psyche. Y’see, there are ALWAYS going to be ways we can grow and improve. And that’s exciting!

But there are ALWAYS going to be ways we can get started right now too, imperfectly and just as we are. Can you imagine if I delayed creating The Imperfect Life® until I’d spent three plus years doing a psychology degree, three plus years doing a business degree, and three plus years studying I don’t know what, just to be sure!? The Imperfect Life® Planner, The Imperfect Life® Blog and The Imperfect Life® Designer wouldn’t ever have been able to help a single soul. They would just never have happened, because the problem at the root of it would’ve been, that I always just kept thinking I needed to be more.

Which leads me beautifully into my third reason;

No. 3: You’re never gonna feel ready.

I mean, wouldn’t it be a gorgeous feeling? To feel fully confident in yourself, fully confident in your dream, and fully assured that the timing is completely right to go get what you want Well yep, it does sound kinda nice. But I’ve got some news to break to you lovely, it ain’t coming.

You’re never gonna reach a moment where those three things align and you feel fully prepared for the next step. You might experience a dipped-toe into one of ‘em occasionally, a little flutter of alignment from time to time perhaps – but on the whole? Your comfort zone will point-blank refuse to let all three ever happen!

So the solution, is to firstly realise your ‘readiness’ isn’t coming, but then also accept that you’re never fully going to feel experienced enough, qualified enough or prepared enough, so you may as well start now!

What I really hoped to achieve by writing this, is simply to help you see that all the stuff that you think is in your way, is 100% just how you’re choosing to look at it. Which means at any given moment, you can choose a different perspective and go get whats’s yours, today 😉 I hope I’ve given you some food for thought, if I have, it’d just be mega if you could screenshot your fave line and share/tag me on Instagram ❤️️

Until next weekend beauts 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D