Wanna know why you can't stop procrastinating? Read this.

Ahhhh, good ol’ Procrastination Station. The source of many a glorious stress-ball, late-night cram-fests (coupled with glossy dollops of self-loathing and inner-frustration too). Yay!

You know her right? You’ve met her before?! 😂

And d’ye know, I reckon procrastination is probably THE thing that we put down as the number one reason behind why we can’t get stuff done, even the stuff we want to get done. We see it as one of the biggest blockers between where we are, and getting where we wanna be.

So why TF do we do it?! Like ON LOOP?! 😩

First, let’s thrash this out for a sec so we’re crystal clear in understanding when we do this to ourselves (because it is that btw – what WE do to OURSELVES. No-one else is to blame here – and this is a big piece of the pie). More on that later.

Procrastination is a form of stress relief.
— Mel Robbins

Ain’t that the truth. The number one reason why you procrastinate is because you’re feeling the pressure.Whether that’s self-imposed deadlines, boss-inflicted pressure or client-imposed deadlines – the reason you’re in a haze of faff-spray is because it’s getting a lil’ hot in the kitchen right? It’s all got a bit too much, so your survival strategy is sheer, unadulterated avoidance. That avoidance might look like a pointless YouTube video-marathon for hours on end, an almighty Instagram rabbit-hole, doing everything else not-urgent on your to-do list, deciding it’s the right time to do some cleaning, oh and your fingernails need painting too obvs…the options of what you can do are endless (as long as it’s not what you need to be doing) right?

So after all that, you’re so close to the wire that you don’t have a choice but to act. By which point, you know you can’t do your best work, you output something that’s late or ‘that’ll do’, and you go away feeling crap about yourself ‘always being rubbish, never having enough time to do it well and never being good enough’.

Does that sound about right? I mean, isn’t it just beautiful the stuff that we do to ourselves?! 😂 Now right here at this juncture, sounds like the perfect kinda time where I get to step into the tough-love talk.

You keep procrastinating because you love it.

K, so I admit that that’s a catchy sub-headline to make you wanna read more 😇 but I’ve done that for a reason – because this is so so crucial for you to read.

So maybe you don’t love it in the traditional sense of the word, but you are repeating this behaviour because there’s a pay-off in it for you. You’re procrastinating on loop because you’re getting something out of it. Which kinda means in an arse-about way that you love it and wanna keep it there, ever-present in your life. Are you allowing that to really sink in? Please try.

Now does that make you wanna argue your case against what I’m saying with a “Well that can’t be true because…”? Because that’s totally what I’d expect to happen too! You’re always going to fight tooth and nail for your limitations, because that means you don’t ever have to dip a single toe out of your comfort zone! You can stay exactly where you are, doing exactly what you’re doing, on repeat, even if you know you don’t like it there! And even though your conscious mind might be yelling at you to change and take control (i.e, doing things like reading this blog post), your subconscious mind will always do everything in its power to protect you and prevent you changing anything. Fun game huh? 😁

Whatever the pay-off is for you, is for you to figure out. And you need to figure it out before anything can change.

We all procrastinate for all manner of reasons, but to help you along a bit, I think the biggest, most common one, is that it allows you to let yourself off the hook for stuff. And that generally is centered around fear. So what are you letting yourself off the hook from doing/controlling/taking responsibility for by procrastinating on loop? 🤔 Have a good stew on that honey.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think has been your procrastinatey pay-off, and it can also be super-cathartic for you to ‘say it out loud’ too, because by doing that, you instantly give power back to yourself to change. And I for one am excited to see what might come of this for you 👏share share share!

Remember, you’re always in charge of how you respond to stuff. Whether that be pressure, deadlines, stress, procrastination – the works. You can’t control what you feel for sure, but you can absolutely control what you think and how you respond.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s read honey, and please do share it on with someone who needs to read it too if you think it might help them. Until next time gorgeous face 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D