Why hitting rock bottom is everything you've been waiting for.

I get why you don’t wanna fail. Truly I do. The prospect of everything you’ve worked towards being ‘a waste’; the humiliation of having to admit it to the world too?

I mean, ugh…*shudder* and *goosepimples* and *all the physical manifestations of fear* rolled into one 😩

But d’ye know what feels way worse than failing honey?

Waiting to fail. Feeling insanely stuck because you’re so paralysed from the terror of failing. In fact – I’d go as far to say, feeling so imprisoned by your present circumstances (because you’re so terrified by the prospect of it all going wrong if you tried to change) that you can’t do a damn thing.

I promise you, I’ve been on both sides, and this side is so. much. worse. And my job here today, is to help you realise that too 👊

So how does your fear of failure show up for you?

Maybe self-sabotage is your speciality? 😊 Talking yourself out of doing something because you’re not good enough/experienced enough/rich enough/not-enough-time-enough (!) and all the other not-enoughs? Setting up camp at Procrastination Station too? Living day to day with anxiety getting the better of you?

Or perhaps my old favourite, perfectionism is your piéce de resistance?! 😁 Where it’s either 100% perfection, or 100% nada. If you can’t output ‘perfection’, you’re not even trying. No point.

Sound familiar? If so, well you’re right at home here honey. So let’s start by you asking yourself;

What’s the worst that could happen?

And I want you to picture yourself in your true, worst-case scenario, and do so vividly, like it’s actually playing out and happening. How does it feel? What’s happening around you? Step into it, feel the terror, and really live it for a moment.

Now ask yourself, would it really go that far? Would things genuinely get that bad? Or, do you think you might find a way to survive? A way to pick yourself up? A way to gather your thoughts and try a new tact? A way to maybe see that perhaps throughout all of this, there was something crucial you needed to learn all along (and living out this experience was the only way you were ever gonna get to absorb it)? 🤔 Now think about that, because THIS my friend, is why rock bottom is one of the best places to be. It’s why rock bottom is everything you’ve been waiting for;

👉 Because it forces you to *finally* take action.

I mean, doesn’t reading that already feel like a huge relief? Like the worst that can happen, is you finally stepping out of your never-ending ambivalence and overthinking, and finally stepping into creating change? Because you have to?! Maybe you’ve been complacent about the change you’ve wanted or needed, maybe you’ve been hiding behind or avoiding some decisions because of your fear of failure too, I know I certainly have (understatement of the century btw)! But we all know nothing changes if nothing changes, so why keep letting your fear of failure stop you, when there is actually no ‘worst that can happen’?

We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s PART of success.
— Ariana Huffington

Sure there might be challenges, there might even be super-hard times too, but they’ll all still be crazy-valuable parts of the flawsome process of getting where you wanna go. They’re the epitome of #theimperfectlife!

But hang on a sec, don’t forget, this could also go sooo right!

So I kinda think we’ve covered how you’re actually gonna be okay if you take a leap and find yourself at rock-bottom, but how’s about we throw some glittery sprinkles on this topic? 😍How’s about we play out what might happen if you take a leap and everything does go to plan? What happens then?!

You could get everything you ever wanted. That’s what.

Meditate on that for a moment.

To me, the only way you can fail, is to not try.

We’re all a work-in-progress, none of us have it all sussed out and certainly none of us are perfect. And I know you know that deep down, but why are your standards different for you? Why do you feel like you have to be at the end of your ‘work-in-progress’ before you can start? Why do you feel like you’ve gotta have it all sussed out before you can try? Why do you feel like you’ve gotta be perfect before you can leap?

You 100% don’t have to be any of those things, and I tell ye – I’m living proof! 😂

The worst place you can go is rock bottom, and now you know that just might be everything you’ve been waiting for ❤️️so what have you got to lose?

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Until next time me lil’ beaut 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D