What to do when 2018 isn't as badass as you'd hoped.

Well first of all, it's a pleasure to see your gorgeous face this new year! 🙌🏻 Did you miss me? 😇 I knew my body was telling me, with everything I had on my plate over Christmas, I needed to down tools and pause on the blogging/social-micro-blogging front. 

But man, I actually really missed it! I didn't realise I'd become so attached to gassing away to you! ðŸ˜‡ Moral of the story? 👉🏻 We need breaks, pauses and respite. Even from the stuff we love. (Ironically however, I don't feel in the least bit rested because my break was so bananas 😂 we win some we lose some huh?) 😉

As the first post back, I wanted to blog about something that I know is already affecting a lot of you at this time of year, because we've been talking about it in my Instagram and Facebook communities (come follow along if you're not already btw, everyone's freaking fab!). And that something, is how to deal with your Crappy New Year (as opposed to the awesomely Happy New Year everyone else around you seems to be having) ðŸ’©

If your new year so far has been way more meh 😒 than yeah ðŸ’ªðŸ» please don't write off your year already. Don't let a ropey start convince you this year isn't your year, 'cause with this blog in your back pocket, it 100% is. And as much as I love the fresh-start vibe of the new year, the fact that it's a new year is actually quite arbitrary tbh – days are still days and weeks are still weeks. Which essentially means, you have the power to make anything happen at any point! K? You don't need an epic first week to savour and celebrate an epic year.

But I know it's all very well me saying that, when it feels like the rest of the planet is having a super-energised, positivity-pumped January, and all you can see or focus on is everything that's wrong with your life and the fan that seems to be flinging sh*tebomb after sh*tebomb at you. 

But what if I told you, all you need to do is change is your focus?

Sounds like an easy switch to flick on the surface of things, but you and I know in practise, it's not so easy ay. So of course I'mma help you 😇 and I'mma start by giving you my happiness bank for free. All the instructions on how to use it are within the worksheet download, but it's essentially somewhere for you to 'bank' your happiness for when you need it most (i.e = feckin' Crappy New Years for one!)

Now if you're a seasoned reader of my blog, you'll know that I've spoken about happiness banking before. And apologies if I sound like a broken record 😂 but hear me out if you will, as I've two cool reasons why you should read on, or maybe even start up a happiness bank again;

  1. I've got some priceless feedback from a reader that thought it didn't work for her.

  2. It will change how you see your Crappy New Year.

Before I dive in though, if you have feedback or thoughts (negative or positive) on any of the stuff I put out there, be that blog posts, downloads, courses or products, then it would just be THE awesomest thing EVER if you let me know why it's worked or not worked for you 🙏🏻 I'm constantly trying to improve all the imperfect juice I pump out into the world. but I can only do that if I get to hear your honest opinion on stuff. So yeah. I'd freaking love to hear from you ðŸ˜ Ta! x

Anyways, apologies for that brief intermission! ðŸ˜‡

You're here because you're struggling to see anything happy about this new year, right? But what if that's because you're wasting time looking for giant beams of light, when all you need to see is the twinkle in the glitter? Read this email I got from one badass, bonafide imperfectionista;

The happiness bank was a lovely idea and initially on Monday I listed all the things that I know already make me happy, like my kids, my puppy and my job and I'm thinking to myself, this is easy! I got to Tuesday and I was like, what else can I list? So I put my friends, Christmas (I was filling my happiness bank in front of our Christmas tree which we have put up incredibly early this year) and my family. Wednesday came and I sat there and thought well there's nothing else happy to list and what I'd already listed hadn't really made much of a difference to my 'happiness' either and now I'm thinking that this just isn't working. Then I dipped my Cadbury's chocolate finger into my salted caramel latte and savoured the way the chocolate melts and the biscuit dissolves on my tongue and right then realised that I'm doing this all wrong! That it's not about recognising the bigger things that bring about happiness, but the smaller, tiny moments I often lose every day because I'm so caught up in my day-to-day struggles! Yes my kids bring me happiness but actually it's the way my daughter's nose wrinkles into her face when I first wake her up in the morning or how my son bounces on his tiptoes when he's excited, that genuinely make my heart and soul hurt with happiness! So, my happiness bank changed from then on and I took more time to notice the smaller things.

For the first time in a long time I realised that every day I think I’m miserable and that things are too hard or too pointless, that actually my happiness is like glitter! Tiny but bright sparkles, not always visible unless you catch them in the light!
— Rachel, 35. Sedgely

I'm continuing with my happiness bank for the foreseeable and reading your blogs and excitedly awaiting my 'Imperfect Life' planner! Thank you so much! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your Instagram page!

Best wishes, much love,

A much happier Rachel ;)


Now how's that for the most awesome email ever?! ♥️ The fact that Rachel went from feeling 'miserable' and that things were 'too hard' and 'too pointless' – to then crafting the most beautiful description of the realisation of what truly brings her happiness, just absolutely floored me. She didn't give up and quit on her happiness bank when it didn't have an immediate effect, she persisted, changed her focus and realised her world was in fact covered in glitter. I mean...😭 just wow.

And I want that feeling for you too 🙏🏻 which is why I've chosen to write about this again. Especially at this time of year when the pressure of goal-busting expectations are at an all-time high. Instead of feeling all that pressure...

I want you to be able to see every twinkle of glitter in your world ✨

So dive in, get your free happiness bank and freaking enjoy the process of finding your glitter! Or maybe if you're already well aware of how glittery your world is, but you know someone else that could do with some help finding theirs, it'd mean so very much if you shared this with them.

Until next weekend gorgeous face, stay sparkly 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D