The number one way to finally get your sh*t together.

It’s such a frustrating feeling isn’t it? Remembering what naive-teenage-you had pictured what your life might look like by now. And it’s not even remotely close!

Plus: you still have no idea how to get there either 🙄

Maybe you’re struggling to get your sh*t together on all possible levels too; relationships, looking after your health, your career, having a place to call home and having some money in the bank. I mean, it’s no surprise that life seems pretty unfair on you most days of the week. I feel you. Living in that headspace does not feel nice. At all.

But y’see, therein lies your biggest problem honey. If you’re going about your life with the perspective that all this stuff is ‘happening’ to you, and happening unfairly, while everyone else has it easy and they get most/all the luck, then I'm sad to say, if you don't work on changing that mindset, you're going to stay exactly where you are. You might not like to hear this but, it's impossible for you to make any positive change until you;

Take responsibility.

For yourself, for your circumstances, for every single thing you feel is going wrong in your life. Does it mean that allllll the crappyness around you is your fault? No, probably not all of it. But a good bit of it tbh sugar. And is anyone else to blame or is it someone else's problem to fix?

No, absolutely not. 

It's 100% down to you to get your sh*t together.

It's super-important to remind yourself too that hard times, overwhelming challenges and unfortunate circumstances are cast on everyone's lives, not just yours, despite how you might feel or how it might look from the outside sometimes. Everyone just differs on how they choose to tackle and look at them.

Let's just flesh this out a bit for a sec. If you can imagine two people for a moment, unknown to each other, living parallel lives, and one of those peoples is you. Objectively-speaking you have the same everything; relationship status, eating/exercise habits, employment status, living situation, possessions and cash in your pocket. You both break down in your respective cars, on the same morning on your way to THE job interviews of your careers. These jobs could just change everything for you both, but you don't get them, because your car malfunction makes you late and punctuality was this job's biggest deal. Now which response sounds most like you?

Response #1:

Ah FFS! 😡 Why does this sh*t always happen to me?! I'm never gonna get a chance on a job like that again, I'm always gonna be broke, and now I've got no freaking car either! Argh! This would never happen to [insert mate's name]. Why does my life have to be so crap!?

Response #2:

Ah sh*te. 😒 Fantastic, freaking timing. Ugh, I'm so gutted I'm gonna miss that interview, I really wanted that job. I knew I should've got my car serviced last weekend when I had the chance, instead of buying that damn sexy outfit. I suppose I'd better get back on the job hunt again when I get back and see what else is about. I'm sure something'll come up. 

Can you see how taking responsibility for the situation you're in, and realising some stuff is your fault, and some stuff's just out of your control, just makes life a helluva lot easier to live in? When you can get into the headspace of taking responsibility and not blaming anyone or anything for your predicament, you really can start to build the strongest of foundations for your future.

👉🏻 Basically because you now know everything's down to you, everything is oh so possible.

K, so how do you take responsibility though?

When you've never done it before, how do you go from kinda blaming the world for your problems, to then sacking up and taking complete ownership of your life and your future? It's no overnight fix that's for sure, but that's why I'm here my sweet! 😇 Sit back and soak these in;

👊🏻 Face your sh*t

Everything that's worth fighting for takes time. And there'll be many-a-time that you'll want to flake and quit – because it's damn uncomfortable (of course it is). Because it's taking 'too long' (and you want it now). Because the 'old' you was so much easier and much more comfy to sit and stagnate in. Right? But the old you is not your friend when it comes to finally getting your sh*t together. In fact;

The old you is an expert at keeping you exactly where you’re at. 
— Kerry Lyons

So instead, let's face where you're at, face what's going on (or not going on) in your life, and finally take control of it. Heal broken relationships, take better care of yourself, retrain and up-skill to progress your career, and in turn you'll be able to create a proper home for yourself, a bank account balance that's there when you need it or anything else you feel your life is lacking. The most exciting news you can hear right this moment, is that you can turn things around. I 100% promise you. And you can do that by;

👊🏻 Taking action every single day

I know it’s crazy-hard and overwhelming when you see what looks like an enormous challenge in front of you, believe me. I mean, I just mentioned fixing relationships, looking after bodies, sorting careers, finding homes and saving cash (a LOT of overwhelming stuff!) But it's crucial to realise, this isn't about completing stuff and 'getting there', it’s actually about taking totally manageable, but regular, tiny baby-steps towards everything you want, every single day. (I'm talking things like starting to eat one piece of a fruit a day to go towards being nicer to your body, that kinda thing).

These steps'll help you take consistent action over time, and therefore give you strong, steady progress to the positive change you want to see. And it's so important to remind yourself of that when you've been working your ass off for weeks or months, and expect to see miraculous change. It doesn't happen that way. If you persist with small, consistent steps (the only way), it sneaks up on you and all of a sudden, your life is beginning to take the shape that you want. Glorious times.

Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.
— Bruce Lee

👊🏻 Start liking yourself

You know that pesky voice in your head that tells you you can't do something or be something or change something? Well we all have it. I certainly have it. And I'd say that voice is the biggest reason things are as they are in your life right now, and it's why you've read this far into this post, desperate for something to change. So, how about you try ignoring it for an hour or two today, and an hour or two tomorrow, and the next...? Then how about you actually defy it and do the opposite of what it's telling you, just for the craic, and see what happens? If you abide by the above and take small daily action to defying your self-defeating talk, before you know it, you'll be doing things exactly how you want to be doing them, and loving yourself for it! 😍 Truth!

The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.
— Joan Didion

Spending all your time wondering what your life could look like or should look like, isn’t going to get you anywhere but in exactly the same place tomorrow morning. Do you wanna feel the exact same way every freaking morning? No? Then let's do this! 💪🏻

Hit me up in the comments or on Instagram and let me know where you're at and where you're heading. I can't wait to hear from you and see you realise your goals! 💋

Until next weekend,

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D