The 3 steps you need to take to find your ‘thing’ and quit that job.

The Sunday night fear, followed by the Monday morning low, followed by the Wednesday midday hump, followed by the insane relief of a Friday evening high – it’s almost like every day of the week is some emotional rollercoaster one way or another innit.

And the worst bit? It feels like a rollercoaster you can’t even get off either 😩 because you’ve bills to pay, a life to live or maybe even kids to feed and clothe. So where does that leave you? Stuck in Stucksville? Trapped in Trapsville?

Well, at least that’s how I felt about 10 years ago. Granted my job-loathing came as part of a life-crisis in general (where nothing in my life really felt ‘right’ or what I wanted), but still, my career slump was a huge part of my struggle. Probably the biggest part, and my biggest trigger for change. I remember asking a guy I used to work with who was in his mid-40s at the time, “Andy, dude, geezer-old-pal, is this seriously all there is?” – Get up begrudgingly, commute to work begrudgingly, work from 8:30am-7:00pm begrudgingly, sit in traffic on the way home begrudgingly, get home and have no energy to do much more than tap a few buttons on the remote begrudgingly, go to bed begrudgingly and then do it all over again? Begrudgingly? And he laughed, I assume because I sounded like an over-dramatic 25-year-old, which in truth, I probably was 😂 And then he said “Well, yeah.”


I doubt he has any idea how much those two words impacted me and my future. It was the moment I thought “F*ck this, you’re wrong, this isn’t gonna be my life” – and I quit my job within 6 months to set sail on the craziest most awesome adventure of my whole life = living my life for me.

Now I freaking wish I’d have had The Imperfect Life and its resources back then, because I was still so freaking hung up on trying to do everything perfectly, and hadn’t twigged on to the fact that putting myself in a position to make mistakes and be able to learn and grow was the. whole. actual. point. But now I 100% do know that’s the point, to the extent of living and breathing it every single day. And I genuinely see it as my life’s work to help you understand that/practice that/live that too. Tbh, it’s one of the biggest reasons I created this whole thing in the first place 👉 To help you – who just might be the ‘me’ from 10+ years ago.

So if you think that might be you, if any of my story rings true for you too and you’re OMG-ready to finally start living your life for you, then these three steps are the most monumental and impactful things I’ve learnt on my journey. And now they’re all yours;

#1: Discover what you want from your life.

Sounds simple. And I guess it is really, but it’s just not all that easy right? So let’s make this easier by breaking it down. First of all, you need to find out your ‘why’. Why do you want to start living your life for you? Why do you want to quit this job? Why does it feel so out of alignment with who you are? Pinpointing this will be your #1 reason why you won’t give up when it things get slippery. Because let’s face it, life gets slippery!

Second of all, you need to find out your strengths, the stuff you’re naturally good at, the stuff that just effortlessly falls out of you without even trying. And before you say that you don’t have any strengths, you one bazillion percent do. We all do.

Then thirdly, you need to find out your fire, your passion in life, what makes you tick. Mix those three in a mixing pot and ✨ KAPOW ✨you’ve got an idea of what you next steps might be. If you haven’t, just keep reading.

#2: Master your mindset to create it.

Dreaming’s the fun bit innit. Painting a pretty picture in your mind of what could be is limitless and fun, because you’re not having to do anything about it yet. But then when it comes to plotting a trail between where you are now and where you’re aiming to be, your wonderful head gets in the way. Not physically obvs 😁 but psychologically.

You’ll have expectations to overcome, you’ll have fears to conquer and you’ll have self-belief to conjure. Focus your energy on moving past all three of these blocks and you’ll see that where you wanna be, is actually a helluva lot nearer than you thought. If it doesn’t feel any nearer, just keep reading.

#3: Devote your strategy to making it happen.

So when you’ve got an idea down of what you want your life to look like, you’ve powered through some lifelong mindset blocks standing in your way, now you just need to imp-le-ment. You need to go from thinking and inaction, to doing and action.

This is where you need to hold a mirror up and be honest with yourself, your tendencies and your habits. See what areas are particularly holding you back and eradicate them one by one. Because once you know your weaknesses, your vices, your limitations – your strategy becomes a whole lot more do-able.

Now for the HOW.

If you’ve read these steps and thought ‘Well they’re all well and good Kezmatez, but there’s one problem – HOW do I find all this stuff out and then implement it? How do I discover what I want, master my mindset and then devote my strategy to make it happen?!’ That’s a great freaking question, and that’s where I can help you ❤️️ Because I’ve spent OVER A YEAR pouring my heart and soul and experiences into creating a tool that can do just that – show you how. And it’s called The Imperfect Life® Designer.

If you’ve no idea what this is…

The Imperfect Life® Designer is a self-study online program, and it’s broken down into classes that make up those exact chapters; Discover, Master, Devote. And yes, you’re going to encounter resistance and fear and all the things as part and parcel of any life change (resistance that you’ve maybe even tried and failed to fight before?), but this time, you won’t have to battle it alone, because as a course bonus, there’s a dedicated coaching Facebook group where you’ll get 24/7 access to me, and other Imperfectionistas who are 100% on your vibe and in your headspace. We’re in this together.

If you do know what this is…

And maybe you’ve already joined the waitlist (probably even months ago), 😞 then I wanna send a big fat, heartfelt APOLOGY to you honey. I’ve let you down. I haven’t shown up for you. I haven’t helped you when you needed it and I’m genuinely so sorry for that. I confessed about it on social media recently too, but I ironically let my perfectionism get the better of me again. I thought I was great at stepping out of my comfort zone, squashing fears and letting the idea of perfection go, and by rights, I have been. But I learnt something huge as part of this mistake (which is why I love mistakes so damn much!) – the whole process starts all over again with each out-of-comfort zone you step into. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I’d created something that I was so insanely proud of, something I hadn’t created before, I had to keep tweaking it and hiding it until everything was ‘perfect’ (which obviously never comes btw). Then I suddenly realised I was hiding behind it out of fear #ironic! So what did I do? I remembered the courage of my 25-year old self and said, “F*ck this, you’re wrong, this isn’t gonna be my life”.

So here I am, freshly sparkling in my new out-of-comfort zone 😁 still full of fear but freaking doing it anyway! And I’m showing up for you because I now know it’s selfish of me to not. I know I have something that can change people’s lives for the better because it’s already changed my life and the lives of the lovely badass women that road-tested it for me earlier this year, and I’d be honoured if you voted me the person to help you change yours too 🙏

If you wanna be notified when The Imperfect Life® Designer imminently opens for enrolment, then let me know right here 👇

It might just be the coolest Christmas present you’ll ever give yourself 😉

I literally cannot WAIT to get started honey.

Let’s do this 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D