Should you just quit and give up on your dream? Here's 6 reasons why I think 'hell-no!'

I don't think you're alone in being told 'C'mon now, isn't it about time you grew up and got a proper/sensible/real job?', or perhaps for you it's 'Ah nevermind, sometimes dreams should just stay as dreams'. 

Ouch btw. Cheers for the tact on that last one.

But are they talking sense? Are you too old now? Should you give up? 🤔 IMHO, hell freaking no. Seriously. What is the point of being given the opportunity of being alive, if you're not gonna ram it full with stuff that lights up your insides? Or at least do everything in your power to try?

Of course life has commitments and responsibilities that we need to honour, I'm not saying we should be dismissive or ignorant of those things at all. Quite the opposite, I think we should be 100% responsible and respectful of them. But should we use them as an excuse to go mediocre with our life? I think you know the answer to that. You find workarounds, you do what it takes to survive and provide, and you don't sacrifice your own dreams in the process.

And the best news is, no matter what your age, even the most far-fetched of dreams are 100% possible. What's incredible to see are the pioneers before us that have shown us, first hand, that you're never too old to work on chipping away at that dream. So here's six reasons why you shouldn't give up on yours:

1: J. K Rowling was broke and unemployed at 28

At 28, four years before her first Harry Potter book was published, J.K. Rowling was a depressed single parent, living in a cramped apartment and surviving on welfare. She's now the world's richest author, has garnered numerous honours and awards, and is worth approximately £600 million. I mean seriously. Imagine if she decided to give up on her childhood dream of becoming a writer, just to be 'sensible' and 'do the right thing'. Imagine if J.K. Rowling right now, was just working at Lidl because it helped pay the bills (no disrespect to Lidl-workers if that lights you up btw, but it clearly wasn't J.K. Rowling's dream). Y'see it was just never an option for her to accept adversity as a reason to give up, and I don't think that should be your reason either 💪🏻

2: Jessica Chastain didn't get her big break until she was 34

Jessica Chastain is in fact grateful for her relatively late bloom to success in the acting world; feeling content that she had to wait longer than most, because it then arrived at a time she felt ready for it;

If I was 19 and I had the attention that I’m getting now, I would have just said stupid things. I would have partied more. All these expensive dinners and people giving me champagne? All these stupid things that we criticize 19-year-olds for doing when they’re famous, I would have done.
— Jessica Chastain, Glamour magazine

So before you go comparing your rate of success with your mates or your colleagues and beating yourself up thinking you're failing and may as well give up, consider whether you're actually ready for success. Or whether you might benefit from being on the periphery a little longer; quietly seeing how it all works a bit more, learning on the daily and instilling some patience in yourself in preparation. Something to think about 🤔

3: Stan Lee only started making comics at 39

Stan Lee created his first comic 'The Fantastic Four' just before turning 39. It wasn't even until a few years later still that he brought Spiderman and X-Men to life. So could you imagine, if Stan Lee decided at 38 that it was pointless to keep trying, that he was 'getting on a bit' and needed to just take the sensible option? Imagine he listened to that voice of self-doubt (or voice of his parents or peers), and kept all that creative genius locked up inside, never to share with the world forever and ever amen? Super-sad times 👎🏻 don't let this be you.

4: Vera Wang decided to become a designer at 40

Vera Wang designed her first dress aged 40. Yep, I said 40. And granted, she had a pretty awesome career in Vogue up until that point, but the fact that she's now one of the world's most renowned wedding dress designers is totally due to her own determination and perseverance. Holding the belief that at 40, you're still just a kid that can 100% try something new. I mean, why the feck wouldn't you?! It aint over til it's over!

5: Melissa McCarthy bagged her first big movie role at 41

Melissa McCarthy did get some high-profile TV work by the time she was 30 with Gilmore Girls, which is obviously highly impressive, super-competitive stuff in itself (nuf respect 👊🏻). But if her dream was to work in movies, she had to wait another 11 years until she was 41, before she got her break with the freaking hilarious Bridesmaids film. What impresses me so much with Melissa's journey, was that she didn't settle for 'good enough'. And why should she? Or you? 🤔

6: Alan Rickman landed his first film gig at 42

Alan Rickman was originally a graphic designer, who decided to follow his true passion and go back to learning drama at age 26. He then didn't get his first film gig until he was freaking 42 people. 42. That's 16 years of following his heart, persisting with what he knew he wanted his life to be, not listening to naysayers and just going for it. And with him being an advocate for embracing the journey over the destination too, I applaud you sir 👏🏻 I'm just sorry you were taken so young.

There was an inevitability about my being an actor since about the age of 7, but there were other roads that had to be traveled first...a voice in the head saying, ‘It’s time to do it. No excuses.’
— Alan Rickman

And these six are only a tiny slice of some famous peeps that just kept going for their dreams and didn't have quitting as an option. (From my research, there's loads way older than these guys too, but my post would take a year to read so I had to edit somehow!) I'd imagine there's a bazillion more folk, both in and out of the public eye, that chose persisting over quitting, and lived happier, smilier lives too. And just to be clear, your dream doesn't have to be about becoming a Hollywood movie star to be valid. Your dream could be to just create a business that sustains yourself and your future family, or it could be to help build schools in third world countries! Whatever it is, it's valid, okay?!

But dreams can't come true for everyone, right? Is that what you're thinking – that it's all well and good for 'those guys who made it'? They're not you, and they haven't had your life and your setbacks? And besides, how do you know if your dream is ever going to come true anyway?

Well my friend in truth, you don't. And I know it might sound a bit wacky right now, but whether it does come true or not is actually not the point. Stay with me on this. You need to pour everything in your power to switching your mindset on this one.

What is the point, is that come hell or high water, your focus, every damn day of the week, is on creating a life that you want, regardless of anyone else's opinion. What is the point, is that you're never choosing to settle for a life that doesn't make you happy. What is the point, is that you're waking each morning and having something to aim for, something to spring you out of bed in the morning, something that fires you up. What is the point, is knowing that whatever happens when your body decides to eventually shut up shop, you know you've done everything in your power to live your life as fully as you wanted to.

What is the point, is that you've no regrets. Reaching your dream as part of that process is merely just an amazingly awesome bonus, if and when you get there. 

If this hits home for you and you'd love some help nailing down what your dreams are, or even help clarifying what your next steps towards your already-known-dreams are, I've got a lil' something for you 👉🏻 my free, 5-day life plan mini-course can help you out with exactly that. You can find out more about it right here:

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And remember, no regrets, k?

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D