5 questions that'll work out if you should you stay where you are, or make changes in your life.

It just so happens to be the freaking ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my blog today honey! Ahmagaaaad! 😭 Which also means I'm now officially declaring myself 'a blogger', because I've written one post a week for a whole 12 months, come rain or shine! Go me! 💪🏻

In celebration of that (as I tell ye, writing consistently at length does not come easily or naturally to me believe it or not), I wanted to write a post that focuses on the whole point of me creating this blog in the first place: to use my experiences to help you in the very best way I can. And that best way comes in the form of helping people take some control of their future, create the life they want, and not be afraid of the mess and imperfection that comes with that!

Sooooooo shall we get stuck in? *rubs hands eagerly*

There's a lot to be said for the comfort and familiarity of habit. Y'know, the stuff that you've always done, the stuff you know how to do, the thoughts that you've always thunk [new word] 😇

A lot of the time the pay-offs you get from habit are like a lovely, warm pair of socks; cosy, secure and comforting. It's why so many of us are happy to live there and stay there. But if you reach a time when that predictable routine feels like it just isn't cutting it for you anymore, how do you know whether you just need to ride it out until you 'get back to normal' again, or actually make big changes and try something new? (And if you do realise that you need to try something new, how the hell do you find out what the 'something new' should be?!) Well you know I've got you right? Always have, always will 😊

Let me start by asking you these five questions;

How does Sunday night feel for you? (And if you don't work a typical working week, how does your version of the end of your rest/the night before the start of your work make you feel?)

a) I feel rested, content and looking forward to see what next week brings
b) I feel anxious, heavy-hearted and dreading to see what next week flings at me

Do you have some 'far out' dreams or fantasies of what your life could be like?

a) Yes, I have dreams and they're gonna happen one day, I just haven't worked out how yet
b) Yes, I have dreams, but they're never going to be anything more than that, because stuff like that just doesn't happen for people like me

Do you find yourself replaying the past more than envisioning the future?

a) No, I much prefer to move on and learn from the past, look ahead and take steps to create as super-cool a future as I can for myself
b) Yes, and sometimes I look so far into the past, I just wish I was a kid again so I had nothing to worry about except snacks

Do you look around at your peers and wish you had what they had?

a) Not really, I'm pretty happy with what I have, even though I don't have all my ducks in a row yet
b) All the freaking time, sometimes it feels pretty unfair that they seem to get all the luck too 😒

Do you look at your life and say to yourself, 'Man, is this it?'

a) No to be honest, because I know there is more, I'm just working out how to find it
b) Yes! Every freaking day! 😩 And is it though? Is this really all there is?!

Did you answer mostly As?

Well, you seem to be in a really healthy, level-headed headspace, which is awesome! Even though you know you're not quite where you want to be or dream to be, you're in no way defeated by that, in fact right now almost feels like the start – and that that's the exciting bit. All the good stuff is yet to come! 👏🏻

So should you stay where you are, or make changes in your life?

It doesn't sound like you'd ever be happy to just 'stay where you are' tbf, so you probably already live life making small incremental changes. Perhaps the changes could just do with being bigger, to help them begin making a bigger impact on your life. And although your mindset is already in a really good place for growth, just imagine how it'd feel to get some proper structure on how you can actually get closer to achieving your ambitions, and hell, maybe even realising them too? 

I would love for you to take a look at this, I think it'll be right up your street: 

Did you answer mostly Bs?

First of all, I hear you, and I've been you. Which is why I was able to write those questions and answers tbh! 😁 Life for you can feel pretty low sometimes, and it can feel as though there's no answers to your frustrations either. You feel eternally faced with brick walls, hurdles and obstacles. You're so stuck in the rut of ruts, it almost feels like there's no point in even trying to change anything, so you may as well just stay put and accept that this is your lot. Roll on retirement. Right?

Wrong. So so wrong. You just need a few more reassuring blog-hugs from me, and a little more hand-holding 'tis all. You should never, ever EVER feel like you're accepting less than you deserve. Man, like NEVER. Life really is way too precious and short for that. And if you don't see life that way, then read this:  

The odds of your being born in this particular time, place and circumstance is about 1 in 400,000,000,000
— live-inspired.com

Yep, 1 in 400 BILLION. Which means the fact that you're reading this, right now, and that you have this opportunity in front of you, quite literally is a miracle. You've also, quite literally got more chance of winning the lottery and being the President of the United States than having this opportunity again.

Please soak that in for a second 🙏🏻

What a time to be alive honey! It's a little bit insane right?! We're so used to taking ourselves, and everything around us for granted, we totally lose sight of the incredible opportunity we've been gifted in our present day; to be able to create our own life exactly how we want to.

So should you stay where you are, or make changes in your life?

I think you might know the answer by now. You should abso-feckin-lutely make changes in your life. Without a doubt. But where the beejaysus do you start? 🤔How's about right here:

An already badass imperfectionista completed the mini-course and had this to say;

Thank you for giving me a big kick up the behind...For a LONG LONG TIME I have been just plodding on, too “busy” to make the changes I wanted/really NEEDED to make in my life.

I downloaded your course a few weeks ago, I did Day 1 and Day 2, and then like always I let life get in the way, work and then a much needed holiday. So, today I gave myself the whole day to re-start and finish your course.

It has been emotional, exciting, honest, but most of all it has helped me find myself again. And by putting down on paper it is clear, the changes I have to make and WANT TO MAKE, to start living the life I feel I should be living!...By doing these first steps, I honestly feel lighter...and feel there is hope, that you are never too old to change the direction of your life!

— Sarah G, UK

Pretty cool right? 😍No matter where you sit on the spectrum of habit, routine and the comfort of it all, if you've tapped in to read this post, and read this far down, then you really have answered your own question; should I stay where I am, or make changes in my life?

👉🏻 Change is a-coming my friend, and it's really not as scary as you think 💋 

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D