My 6 fave Instagram accounts that'll give you life. Promise.

I'm hazarding a guess that you're pretty into Instagram right now. Even though a few Facebook-vibes are unfortunately sneaking their way into the app, it's still one of the fastest growing and most engaging social networks about.

So I get why you dig it. I do too. But with that comes an almost inevitable plethora of insecurities, self-criticism and self-loathing because your Instagram life might not quite live up to someone else's glamour-filled online existence. Am I right? Then what if your follower count mysteriously drops when it seems as if everyone else's are growing? It doesn't do much for your social media confidence either. As I mentioned in last week's post, social media's a pretty vicious circle that's really hard to jump out of.

Now what I wanna do, is provide a lil' escape from said circle, and tell you about the coolest of cool Instagram accounts that are a total breath of fresh air. These accounts are authentic, they're uplifting, they challenge your thinking and they inspire you to choose the positive viewpoint in life, rather than the negative. (Because it is a choice btw). 

And most importantly, they'll give you life! 🙌🏻 So shall we get cracking?

First up is Lisa Krowinski of @saplingpress 

I've been following Lisa since about 2013 (I think?), a long time in social media years anyway! And I've been obsessed with her wit and humour from day one.

The design of her products are minimal, but that's because it's all about the caption, the hook, the content. She has the most unique talent to pull out what we're all already thinking, and validate our inner-most thoughts with a wry smile on our face. That's no small feat.

Definitely recommended when you need a good lil' giggle.

Next up is Holly Tucker of @hollytucker

You may or may not know of Holly Tucker, but she's a pretty damn successful entrepreneur that not only founded over 10 years ago and grew it into a multi-multi-million pound empire, but she's now started a whole new, awesome venture with Holly & Co.

Her feed is full of thought-provoking, inspirational messages that really hit home and inspire you to think a little more laterally about your life. It's particularly valuable to anyone with a creative itch that needs scratching, this might just get you painting/sculpting/drawing/whatever again 💪🏻

Definitely recommended when you need some life inspo.

Then we have Women in Real Life of @womenirl

This is a must-follow, especially if you've got kiddies in your life. It's a space for complete camaraderie among fellow females who are all desperately trying to hold it together, but beautifully failing miserably at it.

Their feed has loads of awesome reposts from followers that are hashtagging #womenirl – documenting their wins, their losses, their must-share moments and their complete surrender to life's craziness.

Definitely recommended when you need some reassurance that you're doing just fine.

Next up we have Megan Jayne Crabbe of @bodyposipanda

I can't even remember how or when I stumbled across Megan's account, but it was only about three months ago – and she's made a profound impact on me ever since. 

She has a super-impressive following that is highly engaged in everything she posts, and those posts are bold, fearless and crazy-liberating. Nuf respect to her. She's the epitome of an empower-er of women in all of our forms and I love the movement she's fueling. Keep up the awesomeness Megan 🙌🏻

Definitely recommended when you're hating yourself on your questionable food choices.

Then we have the epic Gary Vaynerchuck of @garyvee

I think I stumbled across Gary after his [warranted] rant/advice to a 22 year old went viral a few months back. And I've been tuned in on a weekly basis ever since.

I am obsessed with his blunt, frank honesty, and his lack of sugar-coating in his message. All his posts deliver tremendous value in getting you to really think about your habits and whether you're genuinely making the most of your life. It's a particularly useful resource for entrepreneurs, but it's also relevant for anyone wanting to use their time on this planet as awesomely as they can.

Definitely recommended when you feel like you need a kick up the hole.

And lastly we have Refinery 29 of @refinery29

I love a bit of cheeky politics and moral reinforcement on social media, and Refinery 29 deliver that regularly and beautifully 😊

Their unique style is so fresh, creative and distinctive – there's not a day goes by that I'm not inspired/moved/entertained by the content they put out. And I can spot a Refinery 29 post in a sea of home-feed-posts in a heartbeat 😇 

Definitely recommended when you need some reassurance that there is still goodness and hope in the world. 

So there we have it, tap their image grids or Instagram handles and get following! And if you're following them already, then we're clearly on the same vibe 👊🏻 are there any must-follows that I should know about? Let me know over on Instagram or in the comments below – I'd love to hear your faves! 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D