How to manifest anything you want – with Jennifer MacFarlane.

Ahmagaaaaaad! Honey honey honey, lemme tell ye, this is one of THE most exciting days of my entrepreneurial life! 😍

I’ve been thinking about my little baby of a blog for some time, and I’ve been thinking about how I can #levelup a lil’ bit, how I can add another dimension and keep things interesting for you, but most importantly, I’ve been thinking about how I can inspire you my friend. And how I can encourage and support you in creating your beautifully flawsome, imperfect life ❤️️

And this is that very #levelup! This is that new dimension!

Welcome to your first Imperfectionista of the Month interview!

This is the first of a new monthly series where I’m showcasing super-inspiring imperfectionistas that have insanely inspired me on my journey. I’m showcasing ordinary women on extraordinary journeys. I’m showcasing women who have had the ladyballs to create their life on their terms, unapologetically, and without needing permission, from anyone or anything. And just so you know, that doesn’t mean that these women were fearless by the way, in fact it usually means that they were terrified like we all are, but – they cracked on anyway! 💪

What I really want you to take from this series though is confirmation – confirmation that whatever your dreams might be, they’re possible. Confirmation that no, your idea isn’t too wacky. Confirmation that the way things might be for you now, the way things might’ve always been for you up until this point in fact – DO NOT dictate that that’s how things will always be.

YOU get to steer this ship, okay?

So today my lovely, I want you to meet the EPIC Jennifer MacFarlane 👏 An international bestselling author, transformational money mindset and abundant life mentor, spiritual alchemist and summit leader. Also known as The Money Medium 🤑

I personally worked with Jen through a large chunk of 2018, and she’s had a profound effect on my mindset, my beliefs around money, and my beliefs in myself quite frankly. But that’s not even the best bit! Jen’s personal story is hugely inspiring, and encouraging, for everyone one of us I think. From working all kinds of jobs for years, being mindless around her spending, and then finding herself suddenly in $60,000 of debt…

Back in Jennifer’s $60,000 debt-days

Back in Jennifer’s $60,000 debt-days

…to now running a thriving international business, helping people all over the world move out of debt and manifest everything they’ve ever dreamed of – it’s freaking mind-blowing! But this is what’s possible when you just allow yourself to dream, and believe it could be yours. Jen simply decided to start steering her own ship toward her own extraordinary journey.

I hope you find our chat super-inspiring, I know I did. I’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you in the comments, let me know if you stashed away any nuggets of value or takeaways from our chat 😍

Get out the biccies out and enjoy! 🍪☕

If you’d love to find out more about Jen and all the awesomeness she pours into the world, you can find her at;



Money + Manifesting School

Until next week gorge…mmmmmmwah! 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D