Depression and working for yourself, with Lola Hoad of One Girl Band.

D’ye know, I’m falling more and more in-love with my Imperfectionista of the Month series with each and every interview I do 😍

And this month’s interview was most definitely embracing #theimperfectlife and then some [cue: TWO internet outages in one 30 minute call. Ha!] 😂 but that’s what makes me love this chat even more. Because it almost showcases everything that I want to broadcast to the world in Skype-call form; that perfection is not the goal here, and should never be the goal in fact. By allowing imperfection in, by allowing flawsome to flourish, you can #1. find it a hella lot easier to just be yourself, #2 laugh at yourself so it matters not a jot if others are laughing at you too, #3, create deeper and more authentic connections with people (amongst a bazillion other things tbh! This could be a blog post of its own!)

But I digress 😊

As I mentioned in my previous interview, each month I’m showcasing super-inspiring imperfectionistas that have insanely inspired me on my journey. I’m showcasing ordinary women on extraordinary journeys. I’m showcasing women who have had the ladyballs to create their life on their terms, unapologetically, and without needing permission, from anyone or anything. And most of all, I’m showcasing women that have turned their struggle, into their success.

What I really want you to take from this series though is confirmation – confirmation that whatever your dreams might be, they’re possible. Confirmation that no, your idea isn’t too wacky. Confirmation that no, you don’t have to be perfect at anything to still be able to make a success of it. Confirmation that the way things might be for you now, the way things might’ve always been for you up until this point in fact – DO NOT dictate that that’s how things will always be.

Change truly is possible for any of us.

And the reason I’m here today is to showcase this month’s imperfectionista in all her wonderful platinum hair [and heart] glory ❤️️ ‘Who dis?’ I hear you cry…

Well ‘dis’ is the delicious and magically wonderful Lola Hoad, the ORIGINAL OGB (founder of One Girl Band) 😊 creative business coach for female entrepreneurs and podcaster extraordinaire!

Lola and I got into the stationery/giftware/trade show scene at a similar time a good few years ago now, and I’ve witnessed her rise into more and more awesomeness with each passing year since. Knowing Lola’s struggle with her mental health and managing burnout, to witnessing the growth of the woman and her self-created brands that stand today, I just couldn’t not invite her along to be this month’s imperfectionista.

Just when you thought Lola Hoad couldn’t get any cuter…

Just when you thought Lola Hoad couldn’t get any cuter…

And that’s what’s so interesting about watching (and celebrating) these ordinary women on their extraordinary journeys – they’ve created something from nothing. They’ve grown and evolved from this super-cutie-patootie 👆 into this inspiration of a woman 👇

Still a lil' cutie Lola Hoad

So get the kettle on and come and join us where we talk about all the things; from depression and panic disorder, to finding your purpose, to having a podcast created from a bedroom being nominated for a 2019 Blogosphere award! 🎉

Thank you so much Lola for sharing a piece of your manic, leaky-pipe day with us! If you’d love to find out more about Lola and all the awesome she pours into the world, you can find;

Lola on Instagram

One Girl Band on Instagram

Lola on her website

and One Girl Band’s website

Now, we’d LOVE to hear from YOU in the comments below on what your biggest take-away from the interview was! 👏 Spill spill spill!

Until next week gorge…mmmmmmwah! 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D