Chronic fatigue and empire-building from a flat, with Bex Walker of Bexfast.

What do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, being a wheelchair-bound hen on her hen do, running a business from a suitcase and dreams of becoming a popstar have in common?

This month’s imperfectionista of the month, that’s what – and who! 😄 And I don’t know that sharing a personal story can get more personal than this month’s chat, lemme tell ye. It’s a corker.

As I mentioned in my previous interview, each month I’m showcasing super-inspiring imperfectionistas that have insanely inspired me on my journey. I’m showcasing ordinary women on extraordinary journeys. I’m showcasing women who have had the ladyballs to create their life on their terms, unapologetically, and without needing permission, from anyone or anything. And most of all, I’m showcasing women that have turned their struggle, into their success.

What I really want you to take from this series though is confirmation – confirmation that whatever your dreams might be, they’re possible. Confirmation that no, your idea isn’t too wacky. Confirmation that no, you don’t have to be perfect at anything to still be able to make a success of it. Confirmation that the way things might be for you now, the way things might’ve always been for you up until this point in fact – DO NOT dictate that that’s how things will always be.

Change truly is possible for any of us.

And that’s no more true than in the case of this month’s warrior queen of an imperfectionista…

Bex Walker, founder of Bexfast, wife, mama and overall entrepreneurial powerhouse!

Bex circa 2011-ish, right when she thought she was heading for a music career

Bex circa 2011-ish, right when she thought she was heading for a music career

I’d connected with Bex a couple of years ago on Instagram when her delish, vegan breakfast pots (essentially healthy cakes in a jar! Yes I said healthy cakes!) were only available to folk in and around London, because she pretty much hand-delivered them herself! And I remember the day when she took the leap to work out how to widen her distribution to nationwide, and I was like ‘Yesssss! I can have one! Get in ma belly!’ 💪

Bex starting up her Bexfast empire from her flat

Bex starting up her Bexfast empire from her flat

We then got to chatting when Bex reached out to me while she was plotting and planning her Kickstarter campaign (it still makes me feel funny when people ask me for help and advice with their Kickstarters when mine was so bananas and unstrategic!) 😄 Ha! But still, I could not have been more thrilled when Bex reached and smashed her funding goal. Mega mega mega, and so crazy-inspiring.

Bex making waves from her new out-of-home HQ 😍

Bex making waves from her new out-of-home HQ 😍

But what inspires me the most about Bex is her personal story. Her experience living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and building a business not just despite it, but almost because of it, is one helluva beautiful tale to be told.

So let me be the lucky lass who gets to share it with you!

Thank you so much Bex for sharing so much of your struggle, your awesomeness, and your journey into #theimperfectlife and a half! If you’d love to find out more about Bex’s delicious pots or to just cheerlead her on in her incredible and evolving story;

Catch Bex on Instagram

Or Bex on her website

Now, we’d LOVE to hear from YOU in the comments below on what your biggest take-away from the interview was! 👏 Has it made you think about what might be possible for you too?

Until next week gorgeous face! 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D