How to stop procrastinating at the tap of a teeny button.

D’ye know, I think I could quite accurately say, that I’ve procrastinated around 85% of my adult life away.

I’m actually at such a ridiculously impressive level, I’m beginning to think I’m pretty proud of the stat at this stage! 😂 We’ve all gotta be good at something right?! Ha! And I know I’m obviously jesting here, (we have to laugh sometimes or else we’ll cry), but there’s also a serious side to this post – because feeling like you’re unable to escape procrastination can really mess with your mind in all manner of ways;

Self-doubt, low self-esteem, frustration, stress, anxiety, self-bashing…and that’s just a slice of a much bigger, stinky, manky pie we’re tryna work with. So as ever, rather than resign myself to feeling marooned at Procrastination Station, I decided to hop on the next passing train, get working on trying to get a helluva lot better at werking my procrastination management skillz, and seeing where this train outta here might take me.

(And as ever x 2 – I’ve found myself right here on my blog talking to you, because I’ve got a freaking nifty AF anti-procrastination strategy to share with you). I think you’re gonna love it 😁

But before we dive into the strategy, let’s just clarify what it is to procrastinate. I’ll give you some real-life examples to help give you some context. It’s me having one super-important (most likely time-sensitive) thing to do, and instead I choose to file my nails, submit my gas meter reading, buy a second new winter coat online, scroll through four-years-ago-pics in a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend’s Instagram profile, browse home decor ideas on Pinterest, clean down the kitchen work surfaces, pluck my eyebrows, stare at a random plug socket for around 6 minutes, clear my email inboxes of spammyness, sketch my next tattoo idea and watch approximately 19 consecutive Instagram stories of people I had no idea I was following, or no idea who they were.

I’m pretty sure that this ‘real-life’ snapshot is gonna sound pretty familiar 😂 Ammi riiiight? (If it doesn’t btw, then your time spent reading this blog post might be wasted because you’ve clearly got this thing down). But for the rest of us, this is real-freaking-life. Like every-day-of-the-week-life. The struggle is REAL.

But this is where that all changes.

Because no longer are we gonna leave our productivity to chance, no longer are we gonna accept that this state of procrastinatey-unrest is inevitable until the end of time – today is where we grab this slippery fecker by the bumhole, (yes, we’re going THAT aggressive) and we make a plan to defeat it.

But just to be clear, when I say ‘defeating procrastination’, I’m not eradicating the possibility of you ever having to be confronted by procrastination again. Procrastination, is a form of stress relief – an avoidance of something you’re fearful of doing. Fearful because you might do a crappy job of it. Fearful because of what you might have to do next once it’s done. Fearful in all kinds of ways. It’s something you’re always gonna be faced with because you’re always gonna be fearful of things. It’s human nature. But I believe you can still defeat the temptation to procrastinate [when it next presents itself] by having an arsenal of tools and tricks to take away its power. And this is where the Procrastinationizer comes in! 💪

What the bejaysus is a Procrastinationizer?

It’s a lil’ tool (read: worksheet) I made as a gift to you 🎁 because I love ye and I wanna see you valiantly boss all over your tendency to procrastinate forever more! You can download your FREE Procrastinationizer by tapping this wee button. Go get one! 👇

It involves reflecting on your most recent occasions of procrastination, listing out every single solitary thing you did in avoidance of what you needed to do, and then listing out ways to divert your attention from each and every one of those things, so you know what to do next time.

As an example, say you’ve got a humdinger of a presentation to write by noon, but you find yourself opening a new tab for Facebook, Pinterest, and the Daily Mail and waste approximately 2.5 hours scrolling through nothing. So you have the self-control to stop. But then you hop over to your inbox and choose to reply to a bunch of non-urgent emails. No bueno for your deadline.

But great news for your Procrastinationizer! Because from using it, you know all you need to do is start your deadline day disconnecting the WiFi from your laptop and leaving your phone on silent in your handbag so procrastinating isn’t as easy to just slip into. Or maybe you know you need to go and work for a couple of hours in a library or café where you don’t connect to the WiFi or take your phone with you. Or maybe you know yourself well enough to know you neeeeed to procrastinate on deadline days to werk off some stress – so your Procrastinationizer could remind you to literally schedule a procrastination slot with an alert; a timer with a start and a finish and you can faff all you want within that window. (For me personally, I’m an all or nothing kinda girl so I’d need to go cold turkey. It’s the same with share bag Maltesers, if they’re there, I need them all, I can’t just dip in and out. So I often just make the decision to not have them around me at all) 😂

I mean there’s all manner of ideas you can try out, the world is your oyster! But the key is – the Procrastinationizer will help you to #1. Pinpoint your distracting vices, and #2. Create a strategy to counteract them when they show up next time.

I actually found it super-fun to fill out mine, which is why I thought ‘Man, my Imperfectionistas need this in their lives!’ And so far, it’s worked! 😍

Now go have fun with this week’s download and let me know how you get on! I’m dying to find out if it helps you too!

Big love for a super-focused week ahead 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D