How to start your own business when you're reliant on a secure income.

If I’m really honest with you and myself, I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, to run my own business and to create something that didn’t yet exist. (Even though I didn’t fully step into that until I was in my mid-30s).

13-ish years of the employed, corporate life (the life that my education and schooling system beautifully conditioned me for), had a pretty good hold on me I have to say. The having a reason to get up in the morning, the knowing that people were relying on me to show up at a certain time, the getting to work and having my tasks and to-dos laid out in front of me, the getting paid for sick leave and annual leave, the pay rises, and especially that ease and security of knowing my bank account was going to be topped up nicely each month. It gets kinda comfy-cosy, right? I mean, why wouldn’t it?! It’s designed to be!

All those lovely, padded, lifestyle-cushions did a great job of quietening that inner pull in me to create my own vision, and they served as extremely eloquent and convincing reasons [on reflection, read: excuses] why ‘now wasn’t the right time’, or ‘I wasn’t quite ready’ or more prominently, reinforcing the story ‘Who am I to think I could ever run my own business anyway? I’ve no experience, no big idea, and no connections!’

So obviously, I stayed put and just did my best to bury that instinct, I guess like a lot of us do.

But over time, I began to feel chipped away at. I didn’t hate my job. After all, it was a career I’d worked my ladyballs off for over a decade to achieve. But I started to feel stifled, suffocated, even imprisoned by my working week. I started to sub-consciously live on countdowns for home-time, the weekends and the odd trip away every now and again. I started to feel lethargic, low and it slowly began to feel like I was just existing in the life I’d created. Just drifting into each new year on autopilot, no different to the one before. And as dramatic as it sounds, it was almost as if I’d stopped ‘living’ altogether.

But the gorgeous bit about this story, is that I have the experience, the wisdom, the self-awareness to now know what was actually happening here. Do you know what was actually happening?

My intuition was refusing to take no for an answer.

My intuition had been poking at me for years, nudging me, and showing me the way. Attracting me to people that had leapt and lived their dreams to start their own business, pulling me to read books and study topics of the same. And I knowingly ignored it, sometimes consciously, often sub-consciously – simply through fear of the unknown, fear of discomfort, fear of change, fear of failure (and a good few more fears if I’m honest). Plus I was the main provider at the time so there was a lot of financial pressure on my shoulders too.

But y’see this is the crazy-clever thing about our intuition – it won’t take no for an answer. It will find a way to get the message to hit home (often in whatever painful way it needs to, for us to sit up and hear it).

So the reason why I felt so disconnected from the life I’d created, was because my intuition was showing me I wasn’t living the life I was supposed to live. The reason why I was feeling so lethargic and unfulfilled in my work, was because my intuition was showing me I hadn’t done enough of what I loved to do. The reason why I felt so trapped and imprisoned in my working week, was because my intuition was showing me I needed the freedom to grow.

So on Friday 15th March 2013, after being tired of hearing my own voice complaining, despite being reliant on a secure income, I handed in my notice, went freelance with my previous employer (love you ebow!), and set about creating my side-hustle. And I have to be honest with you at that point honey, I had no idea what that side-hustle was, what it would look like, or that it could EVER grow into the full-time business that I have now. But I fully leaned into my fear, I fully tuned into my intuition, and fully stepped into living #theimperfectlife, and here I am 😊

So to answer my own post title, *this* is how you start your business when you’re reliant on a secure income:

👉 The side-hustle.

The passion project(s) on the side, the hobby-that-grows-legs, the maximising the tops and tails of your days, but most of all – the living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t.

And yes, that means a version of sacrifice and changing how you do things.

It’s choosing a journaling session over a Netflix session. It’s choosing an hour’s less sleep for an hour’s more momentum. It’s choosing an evening of visualisation, over an evening of going-on-a-session. It’s choosing a weekend of productivity, over a weekend of lie-ins and lethargy.

And congratulations on you still being here, reading this! 🎉 Because that means that this is within you. You’re still curious to learn more. You’ve heard the word ‘sacrifice’ and you’re still listening. You didn’t run away – and that’s ‘Side-Hustle Hurdle One’ ticked off the list you didn’t even realise you had btw! 🙌

But I know beyond that hurdle, sits a gauntlet of other hurdles; a lack of confidence; an absence of self-belief; a bucketload of indecision; a lack of funds, a pressure from your parent(s) to ‘be responsible’; comparison with your peers, a longing for motivation, and not knowing TF where to start.

And that’s where I come in 😁

Because I’ve been there and felt everything you’re feeling, I held my ‘Side-Hustle Queen’ crown for five and half years 😳 and boy have I learnt a BUNCH of stuff! Stuff that I’d love nothing more than to share with you to make your side-hustle journey waaaay quicker, and way less painful! 😄

I’ve just started up the sweetest lil’ free Facebook group (that’s already hopping with new members and activity 😍), and its sole purpose is to help you start, grow and ‘full-time’ your side-hustle. Yes you heard that right! I’m here to help you every 👏 step 👏 of 👏 the 👏 freaking 👏 way 👏

So if any of what I’ve just shared has spoken to you, if you can see yourself in my story in some way and you’re keen to explore the idea more, then come on over darl. Come join the chats, get inspired and help me help you.

(If starting a business isn’t your cuppa tea but you know this might help someone you know, then I’d give you the biggest, squeeziest, virtual-bear-hug cuddle ever if you shared this with them) 😊

Until next week gorge 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D