How to get your mojo back after losing sight of your goals.

I think we're all feeling it aren't we? Winters feel like they're getting longer and more depressing, and the buzz of a 'new start to play with' each January is wearing off sooner and more prematurely each year.

Which obviously doesn't play into your hands of making 'this year my year' does it? In fact, it probably plays more into the hands off 'not only is this year not my year, but it's even worse than last year' because to you, you've already freaking failed just a few weeks in! Sound in any way familiar? 🤔

And listen, I wholly appreciate why you might feel that way; why you might be hating on yourself for creating yet another year of the same old same old, but I have news for you lovely 👉🏻this year aint over! Not by any stretch of the imagination, in fact we're only just getting started! 

And more crucially, what if I said you're SUPPOSED to have rejected your big plans for the year by now and sub-consciously self-sabotaged yourself outta the game? What if I told you, that part of the process of you changing your life and changing your year is everything to do with resistance. The fact that your subconscious is challenging your ideas and zapping your mojo means you're growing. Your discomfort is growth. So what if I ALSO said that the stage you're in right now, is exactly where you're supposed to be to make this year your year?

Intrigued? You should be 😇

So first thing's first, you've gotta go easier on yourself:

Beating yourself up isn't going to achieve anything hun. Yes you're lacking in mojo, and yes, this year hasn't quite been the goal-busting session you were hoping for, it hasn't been for most of us! But chatting crap to yourself about things like 'What was I thinking? Of course I'm not gonna get to do the things I want this year...' or 'You're pathetic, you're nobody, just step back into your lil' samey-same-erson box love...' are totally banned, okay? Because: I said so 😊they're not bringing anything to the table, so don't give them a seat. You're doing the best with what you know and what you have. So be nicer to yourself! You're on your own team!

Secondly, control what you can control:

And don't bother with what you can't. There's so much that's out of your control; your boss/client asking you to work longer than you'd planned; crappy weather that cancels your best-laid plans; friends or family that let you down at the last minute. They're all crazy-frustrating of course, and most definite buzz-kills, but they do not have permission to steal your mojo. So what can you control that helps you reinvigorate some juicy mojo instead?

  1. You can control your surroundings – simply cleaning and tidying your surroundings can be a massive mood-booster and motivator to keep going with other stuff you wanna do too.

  2. You can control your food choices – k, I appreciate this feels arguably out of your control for a lot of people, but really try and recall how good you feel about yourself after you've had a day (or even just a meal!) that was healthy and nutritious. A meal that gave you energy and fuel instead of guilt and bloatedness. By tricking yourself into being nice to yourself by treating your inner body, can be a great way to keep up that positive momentum and feel more motivated to turn that fire towards your goals next.

  3. You can control going to bed a bit earlier – whether that's to pass out, or read, or colour in, or listen to music, just choosing to give yourself some proper time to rest is food for the soul I tell ye. Facing day after day of late nights and shattered mornings does not some mojo make.

Even if it's just a tiny slice of control, that bit of self-care can do wonders for your mojo levels.

Thirdly, don't dwell in the dumps:

Yes you might be feeling like sh*te about yourself, but don't bask in it. Don't decide 'This is where I live Downinthedumpsville, oh yeah, and my life sucks'. Don't whop out the 'Sad Songs' playlist on Spotify and make it worse either. Instead, make a conscious decision to pop on a 'That Friday Feeling' playlist instead. Even if you don't feel like it. Make a noted effort to change the colour of the air around you from blue to something exotic and fun. You think you have no power over feeling grumpy, but y'know what? You absolutely do. You can flip it around, you're just choosing not to because being a martyr is easier than being a mover and shaker. And I feel you, believe me. I've very much been both.

Side note: If you're currently working through depression, I'm obviously not addressing you on this particular subject with such candour. I'm fully-aware from first-hand experience that not 'dwelling in the dumps' is not a switch you can just flick. Just do what makes you smile as often as you can ❤️️

Look at the lessons in all this kerfuffle too:

If you're a proud owner of The Imperfect Life® Planner, this is the perfect time to look at your behaviour a little more closely, and objectively if you can, and tune into using your weekly mistake log regularly. What are some of the mistakes you keep making that wind you back into feeling this way? What behaviour patterns can you spot? Use the daily notes, scribbles and musings section to make some observations in your week, then dissect them with your weekly mistake log, and really take time to journal out the gold in them. What are your mistakes telling you to learn about yourself? Because there's always something to learn.

Think about it, hear it, and then adhere to it. Your future focused-self will thank you for it 💪🏻

And make a concerted effort to stimulate yo' brain:

Nothing kills mojo quicker than days after days of beige, magnolia, samey-ness. I mean those weeks when you can't pinpoint a single, interesting thing that you did. It was just get up, work, sofa, bed, repeat. Not the most fertile of mojo-breeding grounds ay.

So instead you need to fill your mind with global hypercolor new-ness! (Do you remember those global hypercolor t-shirts from the 90s?!  😂 I'm talking that kinda vibrant). And by that I mean, learn something new, buy those books and actually read them, or maybe even expand your skills in something you already know how to do, but would love to get better at. Use your brain.

The process of stimulating your brain to new stimuli and enjoying it, is an awesome trigger to fire your inner-motivation back up like it was January 1st – with all this hope and possibility before you 😊 (Note to self: all this hope and possibility is still before you my friend).

So in summary, here's our Graham with a quick recap:

To get your mojo back, you have to realise that losing it is part of the process of change, it's part of the process of working towards the year you want. The resistance is there because your subconscious is trying to protect you from something unknown, something scary. You pushing through that resistance is the test to see how much you really want this. And how much do you really want this? You get to choose whether this is the moment you stepped things up, or when you gave up. Picture your life a year from now – will you be super-p*ssed if you're still where you are right now?  👉🏻Then don't be there! Change how you do stuff. Accept where you are and how you're feeling as you read this, and use it as a catalyst to fire your mojo cylinders back up, instead of an excuse to give up. 

You can 100% totally, absolutely do this. I promise.

If you feel like this has helped you in some way, I'd love more than anything if you shared it with your world. I just wanna try and help as many people as I can make this year, their year ❤️️

Until next weekend, cuteypants  💋mwah! xo

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D