How to believe in yourself when it feels like the world doesn't.

It's so so bizarre to be sitting writing this blog post after creating and running a successful Kickstarter campaign, I can't tell you. 

I had prepped so many different 'failure' posts, toying with the best 'angle' to take, but not one success post! Ha! The universe can be so freaking awesome sometimes 😍


So yep, I'm not afraid to admit that after week one, and definitely by week two, I genuinely thought my Kickstarter campaign was going to be added to the 'Funding unsuccessful' category. It's such a common story that you pretty much have to get fully funded within the first 24-48 hours or else it's 'buh-bye now, thanks for coming love' 👋🏻 And being completely honest, I was okay with accepting that this wasn't my time. Of course I was crestfallen and super-disappointed inside as I'd worked so damn hard on it.

But I was okay with it because I knew it wasn’t the end. I believed in myself and my idea, I just had to somehow think of another route to get it out there.

My doubts were certainly reinforced by all the research I'd done on successful crowdfunding campaigns, and all the press relations and coverage that appeared to be necessary to get the kind of numbers I needed. £17,500 isn't so much a figure you can reach by pestering your Auntie Nelly and Uncle Bob to raid their piggy banks for y'know? 😁 I mean, I'm surprised I wasn't issued with restraining orders the amount of editor-pestering I did in the weeks leading up to the campaign and during it! 😂 ...with absolutely ZERO interest as a result btw. Not the biggest boost for your ol' confidence!

I did however get a wonderful Q&A piece in the awesome Image Magazine, which bizarrely came to me when their digital editor saw me on Instagram. This was a fab little boost and I'll be forever grateful to them for that. Even though I knew at the time it wasn't enough exposure to get the numbers I needed, they were the one and only publication out of the bazillion that I contacted, that believed in my idea ❤️️ Ellie, Jennifer – you're wonderful 💋

But when I'd exhausted my reach on social media, and pestered press more than is humanly decent – did I not just want to sheepishly step into the shadows and hope nobody noticed I started a campaign in the first place? (Erm, YAR! This was v.tempting many-a-time! Believe me!)

So how did I continue to believe in myself despite feeling defeated?

👉🏻 Because the reason behind why I was doing all of this, bizarrely wasn't about the money.

It was all about creating something that I knew could genuinely help people. I knew I could make a difference in people's lives with my idea. I knew I could help people go easier on themselves, and you've no idea how crazy-important that is to me. I've been in the darkest depths of being ridiculously hard on myself, and I didn't want anyone else to ever have to feel what I felt. Now quite serendipitously, it's my life's work to see to that.

And I guess that was the most frustrating part of not being able to be ‘seen’ – this wasn’t actually about me. It was all about you.

And that is the clincher.

Whatever it is you're fighting for, or whatever the circumstance is that you need to believe in yourself, the reason why you're doing it/fighting for it/believing in it, has to be so ingrained in your fibre, you can't possibly imagine an alternative. Your 'why' is so strong, that no matter how many piles of sh*te you feel are getting flung at you to deter you, you just take a breath, wipe off that poop and trudge on valiantly stinking like 💩 ha! 

And you do that because your ‘why’ is bigger than you.

It was the number one reason I did a deflating browser refresh of my campaign first thing every morning, let out a lil' sigh of 'Nope, no magic or miracles overnight' 🤷🏻 and then proceeded to compose a new, motivating post shouting-out about my planner to the world regardless. Followed by another daily blast of personal messages asking '🙏🏻 please share my campaign'. I had a duty to you, and of course myself, to give this every bead of sweat I had until the last millisecond struck. The only tool I had was me, reaching out to folk to spread the word for me, responding personally to every single tweet, comment, tag, mention, and yabbering on about it to anyone that'd listen! In fact, I properly have a seized-up right hand as a result of technology-abuse to prove it! 😂

And whaddya know, both magic and miracles happened ✨ with 8 days to go, I'd raised £8,370. Not even 50% funded bud. When the campaign ended 8 days later, I'd raised £21,012 😵 !!! 120% funded. Say whaaaaa! 🙌🏻 And that was all from social media, word of mouth and a beautiful bunch of relentless, crazy-passionate backers doing shout-out after shout-out, just desperate to get this planner funded so it could be made and they'd get their paws on it! People totally validated my idea and then some!

When the funding goal was hit, I got a call straight away from a v.proud papa ❤️️ then I FaceTimed my husband and daughter, and proceeded to blart my face off 😭😭😭😂😂😂 what. a. shock. I made this video after a ridiculous amount of takes where I continued to blart my face off! In fact, I'm trying to find time to create a cry-face montage for an outtake reel, just for the craic. Watch this space.

But that's just my story. Where's your head at? I'd love to hear your comments below about how you manage to keep believing in yourself.

If you're reading this and thinking 'YES! 💪🏻 My 'why' is so clear to me now! I know exactly what I need to do', then that's freaking awesome. I suggest you actually write down your 'why' somewhere where you can see it, and use it to keep your eyes on the prize and get super-focused on what it is you're going after, each and every day. This is a particularly good tactic to use when you're feeling defeated too (which is inevitable btw. Everything that's worth having isn't supposed to be easily handed to you, or else everyone would have it and then it's just not cool anymore) 😂

However, if you're reading this because you're desperately needing some help with believing in yourself, but you're also struggling to locate your why in the first place – then I think my life plan mini-course could really help you nail that stuff down honey. It's a 5-day online course that's 100% FREE and always will be. Go take a look and see what you think, it might really help you.

You've gotta start believing in yourself and what you want to achieve, before you even know it yourself. Then the rest just follows.

Keep me posted with how your self-belief is coming on, I'd love to hear from you 💋 

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D