Wanna know why failing in your career is a good thing?

No, that wasn't a typo :) I meant what I wrote – I think failing in your career is a good thing. Let me explain why. 

Now you might be pretty familiar with me at this stage, and know that I love me some fear and failure talk  😁 they're my absolute favourite things to talk about in fact. Why? Because the more and more I study us humans, fear and failure are the root of pretty much all our mindset (and therefore life) blocks – which I find just fascinating.

In general terms, nowadays I see failure as a really good thing in pretty much every instance, because I see now that it means so much more than just the surface effects of flopping/embarrassing yourself/epic-failing. In your professional life probably more so than anything else too.

And let's just establish  👉🏻 if you feel like you're endlessly failing in your career and the choices you're making, you're not alone here honey, far from it. I think waaaay more people don't know what they wanna do with their life, than do. And that's mainly because, tryna work out what it is that you want from your career can be like sitting in one super-stuck pool of stuckness (never feeling like you're moving forward, but always wanting out of it).

But what constitutes 'failing in your career' to you?  🤔 Going for a job interview and not getting it? Getting a job that you thought you wanted, then not liking it? Starting a business you thought would fly, but instead it bombed? Whatever your perception of career-failure is, even if it involved alllll of those things I mentioned, I still think they're good things! Why? Soooo many because-s!

Because now you know. Because you're trying. Because you've narrowed down.

👉🏻 Because you're making progress.

Which also means you're way further ahead than most! Those who feel crazy-stuck, but aren't trying and are choosing to stay in their comfort blanket of same-job-since-I-was-16-type-mode – aren't risking failure, for sure, but they're also not giving themselves the opportunity to fall in-love with what they do either. So stucksville's where they'll forever remain. And that makes me sad. (If however they're in their comfort blanket of same-job-since-I-was-16-type-mode and they're perfectly happy there, then more power to them) 💪🏻

But they're not you right?  🙌🏻 You're moving forward. So every failure is an opportunity to rule out an avenue to be able to try another, or learn something about yourself, or learn something about an industry you're curious about. (And every failure isn't an excuse to regress into self-loathing too btw). But how do you shift your mindset to see things this way? How do you open yourself up to try something new, take a risk and be okay with increasing your chances of potentially failing?

Through focusing on the right-here-right-now  👉🏻 your journey.

It truly isn't about 'arriving', it isn't about having everything work out perfectly and feel like life's perfect, and it isn't about being able to prove to the world that you knew what you were doing all along. (Because none of us do btw!) It truly is about realising your life right now is your only opportunity to experiment, to get messy, to grow, to trip up and then learn about how/why you fell down. Or more eloquently put;

Our purpose in life isn’t to arrive at a destination where we find inspiration, just as the purpose of dancing isn’t to end up at a particular spot on the floor. The purpose of dancing – and of life – is to enjoy every moment and every step, regardless of where we are when the music ends.”
— Wayne W. Dyer

And herein may be the problem honey: if you're feeling the pressure to suss out what it is that you want from your life, but your solution to date has been to sit and wait for inspiration to strike, then it's not surprising your progress toward finding out feels stagnant and super-frustrating.

Because taking action is the only way to move closer to finding out.

You can take action by trying all manner of new things too; evening classes or hobbies, volunteering for a cause you care about, or maybe studying something new in your spare time. They're all baby steps of progress. Or you can kickstart your clarity-hunting mission by enrolling on The Imperfect Life® Designer online course  😎 

The course'll help you gain clarity and direction on your journey, and help you embrace the imperfect bananas-ness that inevitably comes with the pursuit of that!  So if you're curious to learn more and wanna join the waitlist (to be the first to hear when doors open), pop your details on this link;

Even if you can't see it the way I do right now, think on this: at the end of all this life-palava, you'll hopefully be a content, life-full, well-lived 80-ish-year-old. And I bet you'll feel just as much gratitude and value from your failures, as you will your wins. Think about it. Because then you'll be able to reflect on how much your failures actually shaped you and your direction. Am I right?  😊 [Yes]  😁 So let's save ourselves some time ay and start loving on those failures already. You're doing fab! #justkeepswimming [and failing]. you'll get there.

Until next weekend honeypot 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D