Doubling down on your intuition – with Candice Brathwaite.

You’ll have to excuse my visible excitement on-screen when I got the opportunity to interview this absolute BABE of an imperfectionista. But I’m not gonna apologise for it! 😄

Because (even though she doesn’t identify with the term ‘influencer’), this lady has influenced me so damn much, in the most beautiful of ways, so I’m just eternally grateful she came into my online life.

As I mentioned in my previous interview, each month I’m showcasing super-inspiring imperfectionistas that have insanely inspired me on my journey. I’m showcasing ordinary women on extraordinary journeys. I’m showcasing women who have had the ladyballs to create their life on their terms, unapologetically, and without waiting for permission, from anyone or anything. And most of all, I’m showcasing women that have turned their struggle, into their success.

What I really want you to take from this series though is confirmation – confirmation that whatever your dreams might be, they’re possible. Confirmation that no, your idea isn’t too wacky. Confirmation that no, you don’t have to be perfect at anything to still be able to make a success of it. Confirmation that the way things might be for you now, the way things might’ve always been for you up until this point in fact – DO NOT dictate that that’s how things will always be.

Change truly is possible for any of us. And this self-proclaimed, ‘broke kid from Brixton’ is a prime example of that fact.

Meet Candice Brathwaite – online entrepreneur, founder of Make Motherhood Diverse and one insanely talented wordsmith lemme tell ye.

Candice in her stressful Ebury Publishing days, with her daughter Esme, now 5.

Candice in her stressful Ebury Publishing days, with her daughter Esme, now 5.

I first came across Candice through an Instagram Live she did with Sarah Akwisombe a good few years back, and instantly I was like ‘Yasssssss’ to pretty much every word she said (and have been like ‘Yasssssss’ to pretty much every word she’s since said too!).

Within an instant I was a fan of Candice and everything she stands for, so it’s no surprise I was mega excited when she accepted my invitation to be interviewed for this vlog series.

Candice Brathwaite – The Imperfect Life

When you witness for yourself Candice’s fortitude, determination and strength of character through her challenges and decision making, it’s hard not be inspired AF to look at your own life and see what excuses are lurking in there.

So you’ve been warned! K? 😉 No more excuses!

Wasn’t that just fab? I enjoyed chatting with Candice so much, and I hope you enjoyed listening too. If you’d love to connect with Candice, you can:

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Or connect with Candice on her website

Now, we’d LOVE to hear from YOU in the comments below on what your biggest take-away from the interview was! 👏 Has it made you think about what might be possible for you too? Are you inspired to take any action in your own life?

Until next week gorgeous face! 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D