Are you terrified you're settling for a mediocre life? Here's one question to find out.

There's so much dissing going on nowadays of us, the millennial generation. We're apparently unrealistic dream-chasers, full of entitlement and with no perspective on reality.

Well good IMHO!

I don't want to be part of some other generation that doesn't dare to dream, that doesn't want to fight for what they want their life to be, and that's okay with settling in a reality they're not happy in. How freaking depressing would that be?! No thanks.

I do agree however, that we are susceptible to believe a whole bunch of lies from 'overnight successes' and Instagram filters – making us desire some fictional 'perfect' life that doesn't actually exist. But it's my life's work to graft my ass off to try and dilute that misconception in us. In fact, if I only help change one person's perspective, and make them want to strive for a beautifully real, imperfect life instead, then I will die an extremely happy bunny!

But anyway, nuf about me 😇

I'm guessing you're reading this because your life's not quite where you want it to be, or it might even be a million miles away from where you want it to be. But guess what? That's exactly where you're supposed to be. Right now. Amongst the lies we've been fed about what we need to have achieved by certain ages, and what our life's supposed to look like, is the lie that your dream life is a black and white scenario – you make it by [enter date here] or you give up on it. And that is just simply, not true. To find out what is true, you just need to ask yourself;

Are you settling, or are you in a setback?

Because basically, the one and only time you're settling for mediocre, is when you quit on your dream. At no other time are you accepting mediocre. Okay? Not when you have to move back in with your 'rents; not when you have to dial down your social life because of lack of funds, and not when you have to take the sh*tty job just to keep your freaking car running. If you're determined to work at creating a life that isn't mediocre to you, these are simply just colourful, challenging setbacksYou will never be settling. Author of All Groan Up, Paul Angone describes it perfectly;

You work at your job to feed you while you work at your dream. And you work at your dream to feed you while you work at your job.
— Paul Angone

It's not supposed to happen 'overnight'. What would be the fun or achievement in that? Truly successful people in life are the furthest from overnight successes. They've put in years and years of graft, grit and sacrifice behind the scenes that you just don't see. They never saw their setbacks as 'settling for less', and they refused to ever let a setback stop them too. They're the people that only reach their definition of success, because it just wasn't an option for them not to. They created their dream life because of their determination – they didn't care how long it'd take to get there. And that's the golden ticket.

They didn’t care how long it’d take to get there.

Believe me honey, I hear your frustration with that sentiment. How can you possibly not care how long it takes you to get there? After all, you want it like yesterday. Right? Well I'll tell you. 👉🏻 You've essentially got to switch your focus from the destination, to the journey. I know it's as clichéd as they come, but honestly, it's the freaking truth! And until you start living from that perspective, and enjoying being in the present moment, you're never going to be happy with your lot. Believe me. I've lived it. It doesn't work. 

But living in the moment doesn't mean slacking off and using it as an excuse for not working toward your dream, it actually means the opposite – it means making the most of every. available. moment. you have right in front of you, and not taking any of it for granted.

If not settling for mediocrity is a priority for you and you feel you want to squeeze every drop of juice out of 'the moment', then I've got some day-to-day strategies that I use to keep me focused on working towards my bigger picture. I'm hoping they might help you too;

1. Don't waste time on TV, online and on pointless stuff

We're all guilty of it at some stage, and for sure, you need the occasional down-time and episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians to switch off [guilty]. But how guilty are you of wasting your time on pointless stuff, on a daily basis? Could you be putting your Netflix-binge-time to better use? Could you swap out your hourly Facebook scroll for something more beneficial to you? Only you can answer that. 

2. Be an information-sponge

Learn. Expand. Grow. Watch more educational videos on topics you want more knowledge on, read more articles and books in areas you want to improve, and invest more time in learning about yourself and working on issues you want to overcome. It's that simple. And this comes with a warning: it can get pretty addictive.

3. Get up!

You can better utilise the hours you have access to in a given day, just by getting up an hour earlier and getting sh*t done. In fact, it's actually surprisingly easy to train yourself to need less sleep, if you do it on a daily basis. (The bit your body likes is the routine of knowing when it's getting up, not the bit where you get 12 hours kip on a Saturday). I'm not saying to deprive yourself and have less sleep than you actually need, but perhaps question whether need as much sleep as you're taking. Just a thought.

4. Take control of your attitude

This is probably one of the biggest out of all these strategies tbh. If you think you're losing, if you think everything's hopeless, if you think you're destined for a beige, mediocre life – well guess what? 👉🏻 That's exactly what you'll create for yourself. If you think you're winning, if you think every challenge is an exciting opportunity to grow and learn something new, if you think you're destined for a fulfilled, meaningful life – well guess what? 👉🏻 That's exactly what you'll create for yourself.

5. Don't take no for an answer

This is closely related to the notion of setbacks that I mentioned earlier, and that determination to create the life you want, no matter how long it takes you to get there. You only get there if you refuse to accept anything less, regardless of the challenges you might face to try and set you off-course. It sounds a bit woo-woo but it's actually not. Just think about it – if you settle for less, it's impossible to get it. If you don't settle for less, it's very possible to get it.

If you've read all this, you feel totally pumped and think 'YASSS! I soooo don't want to settle for mediocre. That's not going to be my life. But feck 😬 I have no idea what I want my non-mediocre life to look like?!' then you might get some use out of my free mini-course that's now open for enrolment. It's an online programme that'll essentially help you create and kickstart your life plan, in five magical days. And it's 100% free. And always will be.

No catch 💪🏻

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So my treacle, where are you right now? Are you in the middle of a setback? Or have you come to the realisation that you actually might've settled? Or maybe you know someone that's muddling through these very questions right now. If you do, it'd mean so much to me if you shared this article with that someone, someone that you think could really do with reading it.

Don't ever be afraid of being unrealistic, only be afraid of settling for less than you deserve.

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D