Episode 7: The moment that changed everything in my business.

I’m getting personal with this week’s episode of The Imperfect Life® Podcast, I’m talking about one huge lesson for me that I just know could benefit you too.

Have you felt a lack of clarity in your business? Knowing where you want to go but have no strategy in place with regards to how you’re going to actually get there? You know you need to do x, y and z but don’t have the time and find yourself spinning in circles trying to ‘fix’ everything all by yourself? If so, then this week’s The Imperfect Life® Podcast could be just the ticket to overcoming some of these obstacles.

This week follows on nicely from what I was discussing in last week’s episode ‘How to figure out what you want from your life’. I’m talking about a very specific moment where I had a massive mindshift and so many things fell into place for me. 

I know that so many businesses that start off as hobbies encounter difficulties when they are in their infancy for many reasons. Mine certainly did. I looked around and saw my peers achieving things that I wanted to and I (wrongly) assumed that they were just better at this than me ☹️ I thought they were smarter than me, more connected than me, just innately more suited to being successful in their businesses. It turns out that I was focussing on the wrong things and putting a big Kerry-shaped obstacle in my own way. 

I have spoken to so many women over the last few years who have felt this way. That they are the problem and that they just aren’t good enough to be successful. If this is resonating with you then I’m sending some love and hugs to you. It’s not a cosy space to occupy and it’s the most unproductive headspace to be operating your business from — trust me, I know. If you don’t start out with a clear map of where you wanna go, you might end up somewhere you don’t wanna be.

I had a mega shift in mindset when I heard one sentence and it has helped me grow not only my business, but also me as a person. It was an absolutely game-changing, life-changing, trumpets and fireworks moment and it’s one I’m going to share with you darl — because you owe it to yourself to move your tush, get out of your own way and start living your imperfect life on your terms.

Come have a listen via the links below and let me know what you think over on Instagram :D

Love and hugs xo 💋