Episode 5: Why it’s easier than ever before to find and follow your dreams.

So after harnessing your thoughts to manifesting, in this week’s episode of The Imperfect Life® Podcast, we are going to look at changing your thoughts and seeing how you can find and follow your dream...your jam...your thang, baby. 

When we find ourselves navigating the murky, gloopy waters of ‘What am I doing with my life? I feel so unfulfilled’, it can be really easy to come up against mental blocks and encounter the familiar stories that we tell ourselves, believing them to be true. These stories can keep us in that realm of stuckety-stuckness that even though feels crazy frustrating it keeps us safe and in our comfort zone. You know the ones I’m talking about honey... “I could never make enough money if I quit”, “other people are doing it better than I ever could” or even “that life just isn’t meant for people like me”. So those examples are biggies, but the same is true for the niggly little thoughts that creep in when we experience the discomfort of change, or even the thought of change.

Well babycakes, I’m here to tell you that those massive thoughts and feelings are just straight-up lies and finding and following your real passions and dreams can be easy-cheesy-peasy...or at least, easier than it has ever been before. 😍

You have a choice in the matter. 

You can change your thoughts and make those dreams a reality. And you can start by listening to this week’s podcast episode!  

So grab a cup of whatever-floats-your-boat and come join me inside whilst I tell you why it’s easier than ever before to find and follow your dreams. 🌠

Lemme know whatcha think! 💋

All the love, Kerry xo
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