3 ways to spring-clean your life and relaunch yourself.

Yesssss! Spring is officially here honey!!! And do you know what that means? You get to start afresh if you wanna! 

Well, obviously you can start afresh whenever the hell you like, but there's definitely something about the spring air (things getting greener, the temperature getting milder, flowers popping up and baby animals being born) that just helps you feel like the universe and all its awesome, regenerating momentum is on your side this time around  💪🏻

So how do you know if you should be spring-cleaning your mind, relaunching yourself and starting afresh? 

👉🏻 Simple. Ask yourself – does my year feel like it's going better than my this-time-last-year? Even if a lot of stuff hasn't particularly changed, do I feel like I'm progressing in a positive direction? ...or not?

If you feel like you are progressing in a positive direction, however slow-a-pace it might be, then keep on that direction honey and stick with it. You're doing amazing, and it's working ❤️️

If you're a 'not', then maybe taking some time to recalibrate, give things a good spring-clean and relaunch yourself and your year could be a really positive exercise for you.

Because as we know, I'm a huge believer (and advocate) in that we don't need a new week, new month or new year to start creating positive change in our life. I'm all about the right now and acting on our intuition, basically because it knows what to do! So if you happen to be reading this on a Wednesday afternoon, mid-month, halfway through a year, then honestly, there's no time like the present! 

So let's pop open the Mr Sheen, and get to some spring-cleaning, yes?! 😎

No. 1: Do a life audit.

First thing's first my friend, you've gotta look at your life, peel away the layers and really pinpoint what's not working for you. I think we often feel that everrrrrything is wrong with our lives because we're in a place of overwhelm, which makes it super-difficult to see the wood for the trees. And yep, maybe a few things could do with a refresh, but actually, what's at the core of the matter, is that one thing. That one thing that if it was magically fixed by a wave of a wand, all the other stuff would be a helluva lot easier to deal with. That one thing that you know is bringing all this negative energy and stagnation into your life, but you've not done anything about changing it. Maybe that's because you don't know how, maybe that's because you feel you don't have time, or maybe that's because it's easier to not change  🤔 and be honest with yourself – why have you not changed it?

Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’, try saying ‘It’s not a priority’ and see how it feels.
— Mel Robbins

So identify what that thing is, and do everything in your power to prioritise it. Even if that means some kind of short-term sacrifice of things you like doing. Why? Because it's so so important. Your happiness is important.

Y'see, then once your focus is adjusted and your priorities feel more in-line (as in the 'thing' doesn't necessarily need to have changed already, but at the very least, the wheels of change are in motion) – that sense of empowerment and control you'll feel is sometimes all you need to feel 'relaunched' and ready for the exciting changes ahead. Once you know you're moving in a positive direction, however slowly, it changes everything 💪🏻

No. 2: Remember what your 'life tonic' is.

Now what I mean by that is, what is that one thing that you love to do, but you never make time for? That thing that lifts you up and recharges you to your very core, and makes you feel ready for anything? And maybe it's more than one thing  🤔 but for me, 100% it's dancing. So I empathise wholeheartedly here (and quite honestly, I have a whole bunch of work to do on this myself). But what does this thing look like for you? Running perhaps? Painting? Weight lifting? Writing? What is that one thing that makes you stupid-giddy after it's done, you're almost like a kid again? Adulting really doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be) all about serious stuff and responsibilities. So what's that thing that when you do it, it's like a gaping hole (you didn't even realise was gaping), that's now been satisfyingly filled or topped-up?

Write it down somewhere where you can see it daily.

Now make a promise to yourself to do it honey, and do it regularly. Stop starving yourself from the tonic that feeds you like nothing else does. You deserve it. Your mind deserves it. Your body deserves it.

👉🏻 So give yourself that nourishment.

We don't get a 'second go' at life to give this all a bash again. And especially if your 'thing' is physical, nourish your body with it while your body's still able! 💃🏻

Also take some time to work through what's stopped you gifting yourself with it in the past. Is it logistics/practical issues? Then make it a priority to find a way to work around them. Is a fear of not being good enough at it holding you back? Then remind yourself, your self-deemed level of competence at it is totally irrelevant! All that matters is that you freaking love this thing, and you need it in your life to feel nourished and content. Simply swigging this 'life tonic' on a regular basis, is sometimes all you need as your relaunch catalyst – making you feel invigorated and spurred on in finding and making other positive changes you want in your life.

No. 3: Do it differently.

I think we're all probably guilty of finding ourselves in a routine that probably works to an extent (or else why would we have created it?), but it also bores us to tears  😩 This sense of monotony, boredom and '...is this all there is?' can make the most positive of peeps wanna restart their life again, not just their year! So what's the solution? 

Change up your routine bud.

Sounds insanely simple right? That's because it is!  😍 Going to bed at the same time and hearing that alarm go off at the same time every day feels like Groundhog Day right? So de-groundhog-it! Reaching for your phone first and foremost and spiralling into a game of social-media-comparisonitis before the day's begun, dragging yourself out of bed to eat the same old bowl of cereal, throwing on the same old clothes that don't fit all that well, and then tryna start your day feeling pumped is no easy feat!

So turn in a little bit earlier, get up a little bit earlier, and ask yourself, what would be the coolest way to start my day off on the right foot? A good ol' intake of oxygen on a walk? A quick episode of the Kardashians? A nice bath followed by a swanky moisturiser? YES. Even on a school day – these. things. are. possible. Just give yourself the gift of time and work it to within an inch of its life! And it doesn't have to stop there. Instead of boring yourself with the same lunches and dinners each week...introduce some variety! Hell, why not try something completely new that your gorgeous lips have never even tasted before! Novel concept right!?  😂 

Just simply introducing new tastes or experiences, or varying your day-to-day patterns might be the very thing you need to remind yourself that life is happening honey, like right now! You can absolutely do things differently this week, this month, this year, and totally spring-clean your life ❤️️

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D

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