Why podcasts are my new favourite thing, and why they should be yours too.

Oooooh I love sharing little discoveries I make so I can pass them on as nifty life hacks to the people I dig (that's you). And this little discovery was in fact gifted to me too by one of my awesome trailblazer friends. You know who you are 💋 so it feels even cooler to be able to pass this on as gift myself. 

K, so does this sound familiar?

Your morning alarm clock always feels like it's going off approximately 10 minutes after you fell asleep. No matter how organised your morning is, you're always racing around to get yourself and/or your little one(s) out the door in time, as well as sticking on a load of washing and clearing the kitchen. Your working day is frantic, jam-packed and there's never enough hours on offer to get through what you need to get done. You eternally feel 'behind'. You try shortcuts every route home too but you always get stuck in traffic and feel like you're wasting away super-precious time. The longer you're commuting, the less time you have to get stuff done when you get home. Gah! You hit the ground running as soon as you get home and get stuck right into prepping dinner, bathing your little one(s), sorting another load of washing and putting them to bed, and/or flipping open the laptop to get stuck into the work on a deadline you didn't get chance to finish earlier. Then when you do get an hour of potential stillness, it's either running around to get yourself together for a workout class in time, or you're so exhausted you're asleep, upright on the sofa by 9pm tops? Then, you're all set for the alarm to rudely kick in again the next morning? Yay. #livingthedream

With all the running around you do for everyone else, did you give yourself any time-slots for your own personal development and goals?

Now when was there any time for you? Where's the space to unwind, refocus and get inspired? Where's the time to invest in yourself? With all the running around you do for everyone else, did you give yourself any time-slots for your own personal development and goals? Was there a slot available for you to dream and work towards a future you want to create? Well, there simply wasn't one if the above day routine [which is mine] is anything like yours. Right?


Making time for you doesn't always need to be that perfect couple of hours of silence, meditating and cutting yourself off from the world and your responsibilities. (Although that'd be nice and *fistpump* to you if that's an option for you!) But generally speaking, who genuinely has time for that?! This is where podcasts podcasts podcasts come in baby! Why? Because they're available on a bazillion different topics; they're literally like having an expert in your ear as often as you'd like them to be, coaching through your day or a specific pain point you have; you can listen to them via your phone pretty much anywhere [except maybe meetings obvs], you can squeeze them into the most frantic of schedules; they're FREE and most importantly, they're unapologetically, 100% about you and for you. Plus if you find a goodun that really speaks to you, they'll soon become your new BFF. I promise.

Now I can see why you might question why I feel I'm in a position to give out tips though. My daily routine might sound hellish to some. I get that. (And admittedly, I've consciously excluded all the awesome parts of my day so you can more easily relate to the craziness that is my day-in-the-life-of). But believe me when I say, I freaking love my life, and I love the craziness. I even love the bonkers-exhausting demands of working-motherhood (because I also know I'll miss those demands like crazy when my daughter doesn't need me so much anymore). 

Can you imagine taking every Friday afternoon off to just spend it dreaming, devising and delivering on your aspirations?

But the key part to remember, is that I only have the wisdom of that perspective, and the fortune to love my crazy life, because I always find a slice of each and every day for ME. And at this point in my life, the fact that podcasts fit so seamlessly into this bonkers modern-day world we live in, makes that slice even easier to slot in. Podcasts allow me to effortlessly work on me/to progress my personal development/to invest in myself/to align myself in working towards my goals. Even if it's only a seemingly insignificant half an hour a day. (For me this is usually when I'm washing up or cooking dinner, but it can just as easily be when you're travelling somewhere or working on something that doesn't require a great deal of thought during the day). Over the course of a week, that's nearly half a working day all about me and what I want to achieve. Can you imagine taking every Friday afternoon off to just spend it dreaming, devising and delivering on your aspirations? Bliss! Over the course of a year, that's 182 hours and 30 minutes of real-life progress. Can you picture taking nearly 23 working days off a year just to pour into your personal development, learn new skills and start ticking things off your bucket list? Paradise! 

That tiiiiny bit of time I always make sure I gift to myself really is priceless honey. And I want you to promise to gift yourself that time too. 

Now if you're a podcast virgin, I've pulled together a little list of my favourite podcasts if you wanted to check them out to get you started. These are mainly focused around creative entrepreneurship as that's my main focus at this point in my life, but feel free to just do your own search around topics that you'd love to invest your time in, or get more educated on. Maybe that's around fitness, motherhood, relationships, whatever! There's a podcast for it. Belee dat.

Now I'm an avid Apple-girl, so I can only speak from experience of listening to podcasts on my iPhone. But if you're more of an Android-luvvy, you've a few options on subscribing to podcasts. On an iPhone, there's a native app adequately titled 'Podcasts' (!) which does the job perfectly, and it works just like the iTunes or App store. You can browse the top charts or featured podcasts for listening-inspiration, or if you come across a podcaster you follow or admire online, you can just look their name up in the search field and tap 'Subscribe'. Simples.

But if you're interested in my current listenings, these are my go-to subscriptions right now;

Click me for The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie Forleo. This woman is one. impressive. human. If you haven't come across her before, she's an online marketing maven, life coach, philanthropist, author, motivational speaker, online educator and more, and she's 100% self-made. She's grown from simultaneously working in bars and running dance classes while building her business, to trailblazing a path and guiding thousands of women (and men) to create purposeful businesses, while also having the likes of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins in her mobile contacts. This podcast is an audio version of her mega online TV show, MarieTV, so it's super-handy to be able to just tune in and get inspired without having to be sedentarily sat in front of a computer screen. Defo recommended if you're dreaming of or building a beautiful business of your very own.

Click me for The Goal Digger Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Jenna Kutcher, who's a photographer and online educator. I'm not 100% sure how/when I came across Jenna but I'm super-glad I did. Y'see we're kindred spirits in the way we're all about not just embracing imperfection, but celebrating it too. We see the connection that comes from us allowing ourselves to be real online, and not an edited version. Her podcast has loads of juicy interviews with other entrepreneurs, bossing all over their industries, as well as some impromptu business coaching that's been unbelievably helpful through many a washing-up-sesh!

Click me for the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Amy Porterfield runs this show and she is the bomb hun. Her speciality is Facebook marketing, but she is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to online marketing, list building and online course creation. The only problem with this podcast is that it's so packed with actionable tips, I keep having to get my hands out of the suddy-sink, grab a pen and write all this stuff down! I love her, and she's so generous with her knowledge.

So tell me! Are you into podcasts already? Or have I made a good case and now you're searching your podcast app for awesome podcasts to follow? If so, then my work here is done :) tell me your new fave BFF podcast! I'd love to check them out. But if I've not convinced you why they should be your new favourite thing, tell me why!

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D