Why being yourself in business is the single most awesome thing you can do.

Business is done with people. And the simple truth is, people build trust and do business with people they believe in. They don’t build trust with people who they get a whiff of falseness or insincerity from.

And I agree. Way too many cool things to do with my time than to be bothering with flaky fakes.

But with sooooooo many opportunities for us to be sold something from Every. Possible. Angle. at every given moment of the day nowadays, when you're doing the selling, it’s harder than ever to get cut-through to that dream client right? I feel you.

Let's just pause for a second though, and let me ask you; what has more impact for you as a consumer or client – a generic, perfected, bland tone of voice that you’ve heard a gazillion times, or an honest, real voice that surprises you? Or maybe even look at it this way, if you look the same as everyone else, and sound the same the same as everyone else, then what are you giving your audience so they have something unique to identify you with? Not a lot.

So I want to share some freakin' brilliant reasons why you need to bring the YOU into YOUr business;

1. When you’re you, you can more easily focus on yourself*, rather than being distracted by the activity/success of others.

It's so super-easy to second-guess and question yourself/your business when you're hiding behind the guise of something you're not. You look around at your peers and fawn over them, pouring your energy into wondering how they got so lucky to be so damn cool. Meanwhile, you're trying to paint a public picture of perfection because you're aspiring to be something bigger and better, but you're actually exhausted and disheartened by not feeling able to truly be yourself. If this is you, then it's time to have the chats with yourself. [FYI, this was me. We had the chats]. 

When you allow yourself to be real and authentic, you inevitably switch your focus to 'you and yours' rather than 'them and theirs'. You stop looking outside and begin focusing inside – pouring your energy into your business and your future instead. And this is such a powerful shift in mindset. *Strongly recommended.

2. When you’re you, you'll inevitably attract like-minded clients that dig you and understand you. 

Sure, being 'you' might turn off some of the more superficial clients that for whatever reason prefer to operate on a corporatey, generic level in the beige realm. That's their choice and it works very well for a lot of businesses. But not my business.

My guess is that if you're reading this, you're not of the beige colour palette either, and you fo' sho' don't need that beige-ness in your life. (And nor should you be offended if Mr. or Ms. Beige don't get you). Instead, you'll open yourself and your business up to the most magical of harmonious relationships with clients that do get what you're about and what you stand for. You'll effortlessly do your best work for them, and they'll empower you to grow and excel. Win-win if you ask me :)

3. When you’re you, it's waaaaay easier to cut-through the noise and hear what your heart and gut-instinct says.

The term 'being true to yourself' is a bit fluffy, I agree, but a whole sac magique of goodness arises from somewhere when we are. To be honest, being true to yourself is exactly what I mean by 'being yourself'. Being authentic. Being real. Being you. By consciously doing this, it really helps you think about, and hone in on projects you really believe in. For me? This blog.

Reuben Singh from The Huffington Post also very eloquently says;

It is much more satisfying to try something you believe in and fail, than never try it at all and live each day to regret it. But only do what you believe in.

And I wholeheartedly agree with him. It's figuratively impossible to lose from being yourself, listening to your heart, and putting yourself out there in an authentic way through something you believe in. Even if it transpires to be the world's biggest flop (which it won't, there loads of other epic flops that'd beat you), you listened to your heart and bloody did something real! *chestpump* to you! Whatever happens darl, you won.

I hope my lil' round-up of reasons explains why being you in all your glory is genuinely the single most awesome thing you can do for your business. If you don't agree, that's 100% your choice hun, but know you're totally depriving the world of something gorgeously beautiful! ;)

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D