How to be okay with failing, and feel happier and be more creative as a result. Fo' real!

Okay so the title of this post sounds a bit unrealistic. I feel you. But hear me out a sec. It reeeeeally really isn't. It's both realistic and achievable.

And y'know, I questioned using this title. But when I reminded myself that I do genuinely have the answer for every stifled perfectionist out there, I kept the damn thing and frickin' shouted it from my blog-post-rooftop instead! I truly wanna share this with you so you can feel as awesome as I do, about my present and my future.

K, so what's the story? What's this 'one simple way' for you to be okay with failing, to feel happier and be more creative?

You basically just need;

  1. a pen to write with

  2. something to write on

  3. a desire to change up the way you've been doing things for however long you've been alive.


You just have to try, at anything, in your personal or business life. Don't worry about doing it perfectly this time around. Do it like no-one's watching, because they're probably not tbh :) This could be anything from dabbling with that DIY project you've wanted to start, tinkering with sketching perhaps, or trying out that new recipe you stumbled across; to maybe trying out that new accounting software, changing your workspace around or experimenting with a new approach for your social media channels. Just consciously try at life.

 And this is a quick example for how simple your 'trying' can be - in this post, I talk about my constant struggle with my email inbox. Even though it's a struggle, it is trying.


After a week, note down the mistakes you made. (If you didn't make any at all, I don't believe you :) or you're not trying hard enough. Start again).

With every mistake you made and noted, think about what you did wrong, and work out the lesson that came within it. Because there always is one.

For me, I endlessly fought my unread mails tooth and nail, but always lost. Why? Because my approach was a repeated mistake that clearly wasn't working, but I wasn't consciously noting it as a mistake nor seeing what the hidden lesson was.

Then as soon as I began reflecting on my weeks a few months back, I noted the mistake, found the lesson was to stop marking my mails as unread and try out a new approach! Then = bob's your uncle, I'm a liberated inbox-wizard!

And the best bit is that I've basically redefined my definition of failure. I feel five stone lighter from the liberation, I've got a happier, less cluttered mindset, and my newly-found creative approach to mistakes/problems has got my creative cogs well and truly whirring again. It also gave me the idea of creating this free worksheet for you. Have a lil' go and see if it works for you! 

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D