Why you should start your own blog when there's a gazillion blogs about already.

Well I wripped off that first post like a super-satisfying, painless plaster – isn't it just the most awesome surprise when they don't hurt as much as you thought they would? 

If you read my first post and chose to read a second, you might be thinking k, I dig where you're coming from, but why a blog? Aren't there countless other blogs about doing something similar? And how does your disheartened business-heart evolve into a blog about overcoming perfectionism?

Well it's because the whole process of the last few months has been super-cathartic, and it's felt so damn good to cast my stifling perfectionism aside for a change. So good in fact that I want to share my experiences with you, so you don't have to endure the same suppressive stifley-ness!

Errors, mistakes and imperfections are what I want – y’see, they’re the whole damn point.

In this blog, you're likely to notice the occasional typo, ramble, or dire need for a sub-edit. But I'll apologise now, I'm not going to meticulously copy-check for a reason. I want to let mistakes happen. The same goes for my illustrations too - they're not smudge-free nor meticulously planned. They're flawed and raw and imperfect. But again, errors, mistakes and imperfections are what I want - y'see, they're the whole damn point of this liberation from perfection. We can intentionally put mistakes and imperfections out there, and the world continues to revolve :)

And why start a blog when there's a gazillion about already? Because yes, somebody may be doing it, but no-one's doing it like me

No-one is me with my viewpoint. No-one else has lived my life. No-one else can write with my voice, from my heart with my message. And if you ever dreamed of starting a blog but didn't because there's a gazillion about already, you should remind yourself that no-one else is you either. Like the majestic Marie Forleo once said, 'Can you imagine if Bruno Mars said to himself, 'Y'know, there's enough sexy guys that can sing and dance, why even try?' ...the whole world would've been robbed of this!'...

So that's why :)

I'm going to be taking you on my empowering journey of overcoming perfectionism in my life and in my business; squishing my fear of failure along the way, and sharing how I've fallen in love with my business all over again, so you can too.  

And it's so excitingly freeing! #wheeeeeee Hold on tight!

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D