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What I learnt in the year since doing my Kickstarter campaign.

What I learnt in the year since doing my Kickstarter campaign.

This coming week marks one whole year since the close of my Kickstarter campaign. Which also means, this coming week marks one whole year since I gave myself permission to unapologetically go forth and make my dreams a reality.

And I want to share with you what I've learnt in the year since, because I know if you're reading this, you're probably like me in a lot of ways. You have big ideas and aspirations. You know living a 'normal' life just never seems to quite sit right for you each time you've tried it, but nor do you know how to go about creating the life you want either. You constantly feel on the precipice of truly fulfilling your potential, while also always being on the brink of frustration from inaction. Sound familiar? Well it did for me!  😁 But it also feels like so much has changed for me in the past 12 months too, so I figured being open with you about this journey might just help you along in yours.  

What I'm about to share isn't exclusively about how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign btw. It applies to all kinds of dreams you might have like changing career, writing a book or starting a business. What I'm sharing are essentially the major mindset milestones that have taken me from dream-chaser to dream-maker...and how you can make that transition too.

You've gotta toast where you're at right now.

First thing is first – you've gotta be humble and appreciative for where you're at right now. By that I mean, you've gotta be kind to yourself and pat yourself on the back for how far you've already come honey. Make a conscious effort to take in all your achievements, however small, feel gratitude for all that you already have (and have done), and really feel abundant in it all. Because quite frankly, you ARE all kinds of awesome!

Being humbled and grateful for what you deem as your 'starting point' is going to create the kind of high-vibe energy that's gonna start you off on your best possible footing. Operating from as positive a space as possible is going to help you attract the kind of opportunities you want. On the flip-side, focusing on what you're lacking and what you don't have makes the journey way more arduous and way less fun. 

👉For me, realising the difference that my energy made has been groundbreaking. Consciously living from a space of gratitude for all that I have and already feeling abundant, only served to attract more of that feeling.

You've gotta expect rejection and brick walls.

In whatever shape or form they might take. Whether that's 'thanks but no thanks' emails, an opportunity you had not quite panning out, or the results of something you had your hopes on being less than spectacular – rejection, challenge and obstacle after obstacle are all part and parcel of dream-making. But y'see the difference this time around, is that there's no way you're letting these stop you. 

👉For me, realising rejection and knockbacks were all part of the process made them a lot easier to tackle when they got flung at me! They became less about 'Gah! I keep doing everything wrong!', and more about, 'Okay, so here's another opportunity to change tact and make this better'. My Kickstarter campaign was the first major instance of this and it really set me up for the journey that followed.

You've gotta be willing to fight.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. And it's so so true. But you might see people who don't appear to have to 'fight' for anything. Good stuff and cool opportunities just come naturally to them and it's almost torturous to watch from the outside how easy they have it. So the answer? Stop watching from the outside! Because herein lies the problem  👉 while you're busy peeking in on other people's journeys, you've taken your eye off your own fight and suffered a b*stard of a right hook as a consequence! Ouch. 😵

The solution however is super-simple – you need to fall so in-love with strategising to win your own fight and creating your own journey, that when you see other people loving and succeeding at theirs, you take it as confirmation that it's possible, not as a threat to your own.

👉For me, switching off the noise of what the rest of the world was doing, opened up a whole can of whoopass in terms of my focus. Particularly during my Kickstarter campaign. If you don't know much about my Kickstarter btw, in a 30-day campaign I'd raised about £8k of £17.5k by day 23 (not looking good for the last week right!?) So then I just dug in with this grit from who knows where and managed to raise over £21k by the end of it!  😳 I'm living proof that not giving up the fight can literally make magic happen. Oh and here's a lil flashback just for nostalgia purposes): 😁

You've gotta be in it for the long haul.

Patience, patience, patience. One of the toughest to implement I know, but I believe it's one of your biggest superpowers. If you can go forth not expecting, nor waiting for lightning bolt transformations and overnight successes, it's almost inevitable your dreams will become your reality. Because if you don't give up, if you're open to persistence, adapting and growth, I find it hard to see how you can ever fail.

It takes a commitment to the cause, and it takes a passion and a love for what you're wanting to create, but man is it so so worth it ❤️️

👉For me, my dream of working full-time on my business feels like a five year journey, and then some...and I also know that I'm weirdly only at the beginning! On that journey so far, I've faced [welcome] challenges like moving countries, becoming a mother, and being the breadwinner through my husband's career change, and I've had no choice to be in it for the long haul as a result. But the awesome thing about that, is that it showed me how much I want it, and that it wasn't (and isn't) an option to give up. 

You've gotta believe in yourself.

Even when you don't. In fact, especially when you don't! Because that's when it's most alluring to quit. That's when it's most tempting to 'settle'. You might think that you need to be bursting with confidence, experience and skill to get where you want, but you don't. You don't need to be perfect. Even if you feel 1cm tall and completely incapable of making an impact, you 100% STILL can! I've always loved this quote by Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop;

If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.
— Anita Roddick

I mean, can it get more succinct than that?!  😁 What you are now, and what you have within you now, is all you need to get started. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

👉For me, I definitely still feel like a mosquito. Despite all that's happened in the last year, I still question my ability and my ideas. I'm not gonna lie. But instead of letting that self-defeating talk hold me back, I choose to use it to fuel me forward.

You've got to invest in yourself.

And by that I mean, asking yourself, are you actually willing to put your own funds on the line to develop your knowledge? Expand your thinking? Invest in the one person who's going to get you where you want to be? (You).

👉For me, I think the course of my dream-chasing truly changed in early 2017 when I paid over £1500 for a business course. I moved from the headspace of thinking about my business flippantly like 'Ah let's just give this a bash and see what happens, no pressure', to 'Man, I'm so determined to make this work, I really wanna take this seriously'. I took what felt like a seismic step into investing in myself and no longer left growth to chance. And quite honestly, it changed everything.

And as you know from last week, I didn't stop there and spent the following 12+ months working with coaches too. It truly feels like I've been on the most bananas ride already, and it's bizarre to think I'm only at the newborn baby phase of my ambitions! But, I'm actually more than okay with that. I'm happy to toast where I am right now. I'm happy to face rejection and brick walls in the future as I can only get better as a result. I'm happy to fight for whatever it takes. I'm happy to be in it for the long haul. And I'm excited to learn how to believe in myself more and how I can invest more in myself too. But what I hope most of all, is that me sharing this has helped you too  🙏

So do you have a favourite lesson here? Were there any that jumped out at you like 'Yesssss! I need to do that!'? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. And of course, if you know someone who you think would really benefit from what I've written here, it'd mean everything if you shared it with them 😍

Until next weekend munchkinpops  💋 mwah!

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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