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Wanna stay motivated and excited about your goals? Read this.

Wanna stay motivated and excited about your goals? Read this.

How many times have you started a new year, new month or new week, and quite literally *copied and pasted* previously unreached goals?

A seemingly harmless exercise right? Perhaps you just had some ‘stuff’ that ‘came up’ that meant you couldn’t really commit to making those goals happen, or maybe you gave them a good go to begin with, but lost your mojo/interest in them as time went on.

Well what if I called bullsh*t on that version of events? 😇 What if I told you those goals-on-repeat are in fact a constant, fire-stoker for your feelings of inadequacy? What if I told you those copied-and-pasted aspirations only serve to keep you small, in your box, destined for the exact same non-results? What if they’re THE reason you keep beating yourself over the head with the same approach, and inevitably then beating yourself up as a consequence because nothing changes?

Well this is where that all changes. Your goals are no longer going to be weighty, lingering reminders for you of unmet opportunities, and nor are they going to be your badge to signify yet another disappointment…

…your goals are going to become pressies to yourself! 😍

Yep, that’s right. Your goals will become gifts, and your motivation to make them happen will be as wired as you used to be, counting down the days until Christmas as a kid. Because when you know the coolest pressie ever is sat there waiting for you, you simply can’t wait to unwrap it and have it in your life, right? And your goal-pressies are gonna be exactly that – they’re gonna feel as wonderful to work towards as they will to reach them. Breaking news btw: that’s how your goals should feel.

And I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it!

If any of your copy-and-paste goals make you feel weighed down and overloaded with a pressure to reach them, then it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you feel zero motivation to make them a reality ay. Of course you’re gonna lose your mojo for them, because your goal makes you feel like crap before you’ve even started!

The trick is to either scrap those goals altogether, or completely transform how you’re approaching them.

And here’s how it’s done.

  1. Grab a blank piece of paper and a pen, draw a line down the middle and pour out all the things you want to happen in the next 12-18 months on the left-hand side. Repeaty-goals from yesteryear/month/week included. They can be a mix of epic, life-changing goals like starting a business, or more boring, frustrating but well-needed goals like get out of debt.

  2. Put a circle around any goals that already feel like the most amazing pressies to yourself; like you cannot WAIT to get cracking with manifesting them and having them in your life. If you’re lucky enough to have one or more of these, then you probably don’t need to be here because if you’re that excited and focused, and you’ve already got belly-butterfly-inducing pressie(s) to work towards, stop waiting for permission and go make them happen honey! (More on this next week!) 🙌 For the rest of us, don’t worry if none of your goals make this cut, I’m pretty sure they’ll find their place.

  3. Now put a star next to any epic, life-changing goals that sound great in theory, and always have done, but you’ve somehow never been able to make any real, sustained progress toward them in the past.

  4. Now draw a line under any goals that sit in the boring, frustrating but gotta-happen category, but again, never seem to get met, or go away.

  5. If you still have goals left that haven’t been circled, starred or underlined, it’s likely that you don’t actually want these goals, and the kindest thing to do for yourself is let them go honey. Or…if just hearing me say that makes you want to defy me, prove me wrong and make them happen – then AWESOME and CONGRATS! 😍 You’ve just worked out something you really want 👊 now go back and do steps 2/3/4 again until your goals are prioritised or scrapped 😁

Now this is where things get super-cool. This is where your goals become legit pressies to yourself 👏

  1. For any goals you put a star next to, ask yourself, does this goal truly excite me? Or have I only written this goal down because it’s something I think I should want? 🤔 If you relate to the former, then change your star to a circle, and check out my upcoming post next week for help on making it happen for real this time. If you relate more to the latter, ask yourself instead, what parts of this goal excited me enough to write this goal down? What is it that I actually want here? Thrash this one out until you get to the crux of it. (For example; ‘Start my own business’ is obviously a broad, non-specific, non-emotional goal (i.e, there’s not a fat lot for you to feel excited or get in motion about), but if that is instead broken down into what it is that you actually want from it – ‘Gain location freedom in my work’, your buzz-o-meter will likely start a-buzzing). Now *THIS* is something to get excited about making happen. *THIS* is a pressie to yourself. *THIS* is your new goal.

  2. For any boring, frustrating but gotta-happen goals you drew a line under, in the right hand column, write down the transformation that goal would bring you, not the goal itself. (For example; ‘Get out of debt’ is obviously coming from a headspace of negativity, obligation and self-criticism (i.e, no fun AT ALL to work towards and therefore very unlikely to happen, at least without a painful slog of a fight), but if that is instead reframed into ‘Become free and feel secure in my finances’). Now *THIS* is something to get excited about making happen. *THIS* is a pressie to yourself. *THIS* is your new goal.

And why does this work? Because goals that genuinely feel like pressies to yourself, almost allow you to tangibly taste the victory it’ll bring. They feel so in-tune with your true wants and desires, they almost feel inevitable, it’s just then a case of working out how you’re gonna make them happen.

Hope you’ve taken some super-fab juice from today’s read, until next time gorgeous face 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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