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The two-step, foolproof strategy to make your goals actually happen.

The two-step, foolproof strategy to make your goals actually happen.

So how are you feeling after last week’s post? Did you manage to edit, categorise or reframe those goals you can never seem to accomplish? Are you feeling a squee bit more excited about working towards them?

As I mentioned in my last post – staying excited and motivated about your goals – reframing your goals into pressies for yourself (particularly your copy-and-pasted goals, year after year), is a huge part of how to make your next 12 months game-changing 👏

Setting yourself goals from the voice of your inner coach as opposed to the voice of your inner critic can be the fundamental difference between a game-changing year, and a very-much-the-same-as-last-year year.

So now you’re in the zone of feeling excited and motivated about where you’re heading, how the bejaysus can you actually get there?! Well that’s what this week’s post is alllll about – your two-step, foolproof strategy to make your goals actually happen this time!

Step one: Restrict yourself and get specific.

Now I appreciate on the surface, this goes against the grain of what everyone else on the planet is telling you to do when it comes to goal setting – dream big, reach for the stars, you know the drill. (And yes, of course to all those things when you’re dreaming up what you want). But this is a crucial thing to note – you’re now planning how to get to what you want, and if you don’t include a dose of realism into the mix at this point, you’re self-sabotaging.

Be honest with yourself with where you’re at right now, and where you need or want to be.

If you don’t, you’re snatching your dreams from yourself before you’ve even started. If you’re only committing to ‘this time next year I’ll be…’, then it’s highly possible you won’t be, because it’s too broad and unspecific a target to work towards. Which is why…

You need to set your goals over three-month periods (a quarter), and no more!

So yep, I absolutely mean; only plan goals three months ahead if you want to actually make them happen. And again, I know I sound like a fruit loop as it’s probably not what you’re used to, but I promise you, this approach WORKS! 🙌 Not only does it remove the overwhelm and sense of impossibility of trying to plan out a whole 6-12 months or more, but it helps you keep things real. Which is exactly where we want our dreams to be 👉 in our real life!

And you need to get real specific too.

On one particular goal that is. Trying to make progress on a bazillion different things doesn’t tend to deliver progress on any things. Which inevitably saps your mojo and loses your focus. So look at your list of your super-exciting pressie-goals from last week’s post, and choose your most pressing/most impactful/most exciting goal, and pour your everything into it over the next quarter.

But what if I can’t make my goal happen in three months?

It’s no big deal! Imperfect, ‘slow’ action is insanely better than complete inaction, and besides – some goals will just naturally take longer than that. For example, earlier on this year, I had a momentous pressie goal (for me anyway!) of going full-time on The Imperfect Life®. I had initially planned to reach this in March…didn’t happen. So I moved it forward to June…didn’t happen. But I stayed focused, realistic with my circumstances (and didn’t beat myself to a pulp for the imperfect delays), and eventually took the leap in August. (Nevermind the fact that I’d been working towards it for the previous five years 😂! ) So yep, if you don’t manage to reach your goals within a three-month timeframe, then just continue to make them your focus for your next quarter. Easy peasy.

Step two: Break it down now.

I’m hoping at this stage, you can kinda see the value in breaking your next 12 months down into three-month quarters. You get that mixing real life circumstances and timings into your dream life sounds like a logical strategy to making your goals your new reality. So now we’re going one step further…

You need to break your quarterly goals into monthly targets, and your monthly targets into weekly baby steps.

And let me be clear, you can totally do this bit as you go, because it’s highly likely that you’ll probably only have a vague idea of the first or second baby step you could take, or the first target you could work towards. And know that this is how it should be! How can you possibly know all the steps already?! If you knew every step between where you’re at right now and your goal being met, then you’d probably have got there years ago right? So don’t be perturbed by not knowing your way to making it happen, you’re not supposed to know yet. But you will, and the only way you’re gonna work it out, is by starting.

This is all about you taking teeny-tiny, imperfect-but-determined steps of progress toward that pressie/goal that you want for yourself, and working out the next teeny-tiny, imperfect-but-determined steps along the way.

So to make your goals actually happen, really is quite simple – it’s just not always that easy! 😊 Once you’ve got some goals that you’re crazy-excited to work towards;

  1. Make sure you factor in time and effort to then plan them out, while keeping things real and keeping things specific.

  2. Then all that’s left is for you to break them down, and accept and realise that your path to achieving them doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) a perfect linear journey. In fact, the messier and more imperfect, the better! 😉

Until next time cuteypants 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
Tough love: I know why you’re not reaching your goals honey.

Tough love: I know why you’re not reaching your goals honey.

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