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Kerry 💋

If you think you're gonna have a crappy, same-old-same-old year – you're 100% right!

If you think you're gonna have a crappy, same-old-same-old year – you're 100% right!

Don’t be fooled by the headline of this post honey. ‘Cause if you know anything about me by now, you know I’m alllll about the positivity.

I’m not here to help you wallow in negativity. In fact, quite the opposite. I really don’t see the point of negativity – which is exactly why I AM here! 😍 To yank ye right out of it! Because if you tapped in to read this post, I’m guessing it was because you’re probably worrying about the prospect of this year being another version of the same-old, same-old. ‘Who am I to have a year that really feels like it’s ‘my year’? Why would I even deserve it? There’s nothing special about me. Why would anything change? Why is there any point in me even trying? I always just end up disappointed.’

Sound familiar?

Well the good news is, to break this negative looping pattern, you don’t now suddenly need to be a Duracell-bunny-type beacon of positivity – as in, you don’t need to be like Alec Baldwin in Friends to make your year not crappy;

Alex Baldwin in Friends gif

You just need to pause on this self-bashing inner-chatter for a sec buddy. Seriously. Stahp. Why?

Because you’re attracting ‘crappy’ like a freaking magnet!

Let me explain 😊

What you choose to repeat and what you choose to believe (which are both choices btw), you create and attract more of the same. So if you choose to believe that your destiny is meant for mediocre, if you choose to repeat in your head that your year ahead will most likely be crappy, and just another same-old, same-old – then guess what your destiny’s gonna deliver?

Crappy, same-old, samey-olderness.

I know quotes are predictable and kinda tired, but there’s a reason why they’re quotes – because they capture so much truth! And no better quote encapsulates my point than…

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.
— Henry Ford

Which tells you what? That yep, if you think you’re only deserving of crappy, then that’s most likely what’s gonna turn up for you. But it also tells you – that whatever happens with your year ahead is totally within your power! How freaking cool is that!? What amazing stuff could happen if you switched around your thinking?!

Remember: you have VIP, backstage access (that no-one else has!) to the very SOURCE of the power to change stuff!

Just let that sit with you for a minute. Because I think it’s all too easy to get swept up in the idea that we can’t control how we think. I know I was certainly of that belief when I was in the thick of my depression and quarter-life crisis. And we for sure can’t control how we feel, but how we think is a very different mechanic. A mechanic that’s very much in our power.

I mean, how do you think I worked my way out of mental illness? Yes, by professional help and a hella lot of working on myself, but more crucially – by. changing. how. I. think. I worked on changing my perspective, I worked on how much my inner critic was allowed to steer the ship, I worked on tuning into my gut instincts (also known as ‘listening to your heart’), and hearing what they were telling me.

So what I’m saying is, I’m living proof that it’s possible. I’m living proof that the way you’re thinking about something now, (namely your year ahead and what you’re not feeling all that worthy of) CAN change. You CAN take control of how your year pans out. And when you can change how you think about something, you can change what you attract!

Boom! 👊🖐🎤

So what I’m saying is, if you choose to think you’re gonna have a game-changing, never-seen-before year (as opposed to the crappy, same-old, same-olds of yesteryear), then my sweet cherry pie – you’re right!

Now I’m curious 😁 which one are you gonna choose? 😉 If you feel this has helped you in some way and you think it might help someone you know too, it’d be so freaking awesome if you shared it with them ❤️️ thanks honey.

Until next weekend gorgeous face 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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