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How to step outside your comfort zone to make your goals your real life.

How to step outside your comfort zone to make your goals your real life.

Well what a goal-a-palooza it’s been! 😁 And now there’s just one. vital. missing. piece. of the goal-smashing-pie to go – and that’s what happens while you’re moving closer to your goals 👉 stepping outside your pesky comfort zone.

But before we step into [or out of!] that, let’s start with a quick recap so we’re all caught up. We kicked this four-part series off with making sure you’re setting yourself the right kind of goals – one’s that you’re excited and motivated to make happen; then we moved on to planning out those goals in a non-overwhelming, totally do-able way – keeping yourself accountable and realistic with your timeline; and then we put in the ground work to approach your goals with the right mindset of gratitude and high-vibe energy – namely not getting caught up in what you don’t have and keeping your focus on everything you do.

And THEN, after doing alllll that amazing work, and maybe even making a bunch of progress too, the fear inevitably steps in. The perfection-o-meter needle shakes vigorously on peak capacity and you quite frankly become immobile. You’re stuck. Your comfort zone has you suckered into the claggy mud with no visible escape plan 😩 so what next?

Now before I go any further, I want you to know that it’s totally understandable (and totally normal) that we instinctively want to stay inside our comfort zones. I mean, it’s comfortable innit!? 😂 Who doesn’t like comfy?! It’s safe, it’s familiar, and even if it makes us feel a bit crap, it’s also where we have our best chance of being ‘perfect’ at stuff innit – because we’re back doing the stuff we’ve always done! I mean, think about it; the chances of you being as close as you can be to perfection are gonna be when you practice the same thing, day in, day out (even if that same thing makes you fecking miserable). And the chances of you being as far away as you can be to perfection, are gonna be when you’re trying to do stuff you’ve never done before (i.e, working towards a goal that creates change). So in essence;

Trying to reach a new goal is a perfectionist’s worst nightmare!

And assuming you’re reading this blog because perfectionism’s very much in the driving seat of your life, what does that then mean for you? It means that sadly, perfectionists who stay as perfectionists rarely get to where they want to be.

But! ☝️ All is not lost honey! Because the GOOD news for you iiiiiiiis 👉 I am here! 😁 And I’m here to help you! I’ve also been one helluva people-pleasing perfectionist in my time (seriously, you’ve NO IDEA – in fact it’s probably juicy enough for a whole new blog in itself! Let alone a blog post!), and along my squiggly-ass journey, I’ve sussed the formula to still be able to move forward and reach my goals! (Basically, if I can do it, you most certainly can, and I’d love to show you how you can too).

It’s a three-step process that involves a tiiiiny bit of faith-leaping (stay with me).

And it goes like this…

  1. Trusting me to step outside your comfort zone by doing that thing you’ve always wanted to try or do (maybe it’s towards your main goal, maybe it’s not – the out-of-comfort-zoning is the key bit). And you’re doing this thing even though you might be freaking awful at it. [Humongous clue: being perfect at this thing isn’t the end-result you should be aiming for. Simply finding the courage to try is].

  2. Taking time to sit down and review said experience-outside-of-your-comfort-zone, and note down the inevitable mistakes/flops/whoopsies you made or the areas you maybe/possibly/perhaps could’ve done better.

  3. Taking time to then pick those mistakes/areas apart, and uncover the *priceless* lesson you needed to gain from the whole experience, to finally grow, move you forward, and get closer to your goal.

Do this on repeat and your success will be inevitable lemme tell ye.

But how does this even work Kez?

Because believe it or not, failure doesn’t actually exist my friend. No really! Failure is just a perception we have of ourselves. If you remove failure out of the equation for a sec – stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new you’re likely to be imperfect at, is either going to bring you the result that you want, or the lesson you need. So it’s a win-win scenario!

If you reeeeeally want your goals to be your real-life, if you really want growth, progress, achievement, all the things (!) – they all come from simply allowing the beauty of imperfection into your life when you step out of your comfort zone (rather than doing the opposite and shutting down the possibility of imperfection at every given opportunity). So following my three-step process above, on rinse and repeat, is a proven way to do it!

And there we have it. Your four-step game-plan for creating a freaking GAME-CHANGING 2019 is complete! 🙌😍

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking in all my strategies, as much as I’ve had fun sharing them with you. And if you’re thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be sooooo cool if this whole game-plan was in one, consolidated tool that I could take with me wherever I went? A tool that I could set my goals, plan my strategy, bank my happiness and log my lessons for growth in? A place where I could plan my imperfect life of dreeeeeeams AND have the direct, hands-on support of Kerry by my side?!’

Well IT EXISTS! And it can be ALL YOURS!

The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019 is available to pre-order now – just tap here or the image above and go take a peep inside! You also get free bonus access to the secret Imperfectionistas Facebook group that I engage in every day, that’s the most awesome hub of support and encouragement for you on your way to your goals. It really is priceless. If you' think this might just be what your 2019 needs honey, then please don’t procrastinate on it ‘cause there’s only limited stock available. I’d hate for you to have FOMO!

But anyway, if you’ve enjoyed this four-part series and you think it could be a real help to someone you know, maybe someone who’s forever lodged in Perfectionville and needs some kind-but-forceful cheerleading to help get them out, it’d mean the absolute WORLD to me if you were able to share this with them.

Until next time gorgeous face 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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