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How to know if your job's for you (and what to do if it's not).

How to know if your job's for you (and what to do if it's not).

The ol' career minefield is a funny old game init...there's literally no manual on how to navigate it, but it's also most likely the single biggest part of your week. Every week. And therefore your life!

So with that obviously comes a whole lotta pressure to get this job/career thing right, and not waste a moment on the 'wrong' path. But how do you even know if you're on the wrong path?  👉🏻 By putting as much effort and attention into really taking stock and reviewing your current job, as you do dreaming about escaping it  😁 this post was actually super-inspired by a strategy from the epic career strategist Zoe B, so defo go check her out if this piece resonates with you  👊🏻

This post's for you if you've found yourself eternally ranting about hating your job, but never felt hatey-enough to actually do something about it. That ambivalence is possibly because you're unsure whether the grass is actually greener, or it's because you've just no idea what to do instead.

It feels like a right lil' pickle ay. I feel you. So let's get down to business shall we? 😎

Start by writing down how you talk about your job.

What's the general dialogue around it when you're talking to family and friends? Note what elements seem to be the focus or topic of conversation the majority of the time. Are there any running themes? You don't have to pull anything apart at this stage, just getting it all out and getting some context of how you instinctively go to talk about your job, is super-useful to start things off. 

Now make a list of the stuff you like about your job.

And not just the parts where you get to get paid and/or go home  😊 (although it's super-important to feel gratitude for your work giving you those things). But what tasks or aspects of your working day actually work for you? Maybe it's the fact you get to work in a small/big team rather than on your own; or perhaps it's that your projects are so diverse – no one week is the same; or maybe you get to work in an industry you love and feel passionate about. Really take a step back from all the melodrama of disliking your job, and see what good stuff's going on. It's easy to lose sight of it, but super-important to note how green your own patch of grass is.

Commit to a lil' two-week work journal.

By that I mean, writing down the tasks you do each day, for two weeks (so you get a crystal clear picture of what your job really looks like), then give each task a loathe-to-love rating from 1-10. Y'see it's so easy to get wrapped up in the habit of loathing that you can't really see the wood for the trees sometimes, but if you make a conscious effort over two weeks to really see what your job is (rather than assume what your job is), you're in a far more informed position to see if there are any aspects you actually quite like. Maybe you might surprise yourself  😊

Make peace with the fact that even dream jobs can sometimes be part-nightmare.

With every way we can earn money, there's always gonna be a sh*tty stick to hold at some point. So don't get wrapped up in the notion that your working life has to be some vision of perfection. It won't be. And remind yourself that imperfect is more than okay, because when we educate ourselves to accept that imperfection's actually a good standard to aspire to, life becomes all-the-more gorgeous. I guess it's just a difference of holding this  💩 stick every once in a while, compared to feeling like it's wedged in your back-pocket all day erry day that you've gotta work out.

What you'll come away with:

What this process does is help you identify where things reeeeally stand, when all the job-hating is moved aside for a second. You should actually now get to see the wood for the trees and have a better view on things. Sooooo, where do you sit?

a) Do you actually quite like a good bit of your job, but you'd just got into a habit of making the crappy bits feel like the main bits?

b) Are there some parts of your job that really work for you, but there's still just more rubbish parts over positive parts?

c) Or do you absolutely loathe the majority of your job's tasks?  🤔

See where you're at and what that means. If you're in the a) zone, your next Monday morning will hopefully have a whole different vibe about it  💪🏻 and you're also armed with a whole new appreciation for everything your job brings you. However, if you're in the b) or c) zone, but you've no idea what to do next, then my upcoming online course, The Imperfect Life® Designer could be a massive help in walking you through finding your next step (and enjoying the bananas-ness that comes with that) 😁If you wanna be the first to know when the doors for enrolment are open, pop in your details to join the waitlist:

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Hopefully this has given you some food for thought or at least help you get some perspective on things  🙌🏻 it'd be the coolest thing ever if you could share this with someone who you think needs to give it a read.

Until next weekend sexypants 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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