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How to be present in the moment (and love your life within 7 days).

How to be present in the moment (and love your life within 7 days).

No matter how crappy life may feel, I'm fully of the belief that within 7 days, you can feel completely different about it through being present in the moment.

How am I so confident of that? Because I've lived it and it works! 😊

Okay, so maybe 'loving your life within 7 days' admittedly has a smidge of a tabloid spin on it  😇 but 'liking your life a helluva lot more within 7 days' doesn't quite have the same headline ring to it ay. But hey, wouldn't 'liking your life a helluva lot more within 7 days' still be worth a read? 

As you're reading this, you're probably checking your socials while watching TV, listening to a podcast and talking or texting someone while you make something to eat, right?  😊 And I'm gonna throw out a guess that your head day-to-day is generally whirring on maximum capacity too; racing from one thought/to-do-list tick/mobile notification to the next, with no sniff of a break from it all in sight. Anxiety levels are peaking because you're worrying about what you may or may not have said to someone yesterday, at the same time as worrying about how you're gonna have your sh*t together by that big thing next week, and as a result, you're simply incapable of ever being in the right now or appreciating anything that's right here with you! I mean, how could you possibly be present?! And when you're never able to step out of your pressure-cooker to be in the present, how could you possibly love the life you're in? Buddy I hear you and I feel you, believe me ❤️️

But I have excellent news for you = you don't have to exist like that anymore – because right now, as you're reading these very words, I'm asking you to STOP. Please honey. Just stop. Stop it all. You don't need to be worrying about the past or the future, you don't need to be doing a bazillion other things right now either. For the few moments we have together today, let's just be.

GIF featured on © www.doyouyoga.com

GIF featured on © www.doyouyoga.com

Did you do it? Did you pause and breathe slowly, in and out? If you didn't, please do it now for least 10 breaths, and just focus on your breathing  🙏 now just notice the difference in your heart rate, your stress levels, your anxiety-o-meter. This sh*t works I promise you.

Now hopefully with a few mindful breaths, you've gifted yourself with a calmer, more centred space, which'll hopefully inspire you to really implement these steps in your life and see how much difference a week makes. So first thing's first;

Change up the first half-an-hour of your days.

The first portion of our day is highly-likely to be on auto-pilot. Something along the lines of alarm clock...phone...wee...phone...kettle on...phone...drink coffee...watch TV with breakfast...get dressed...phone...start the day. So whatever your personal wake-up auto-response is, I want you to shake that baby up. And yep, that means don't tap open that mobile and check Facebook, Insta or your emails, or don't go straight for that coffee machine either, do something you've never done before in your morning routine and surprise yourself.

Some ideas could be to sit down with a journal and write for a few minutes about what you want to achieve in the day ahead; listen to a guided visualisation picturing how your day's going to pan out, pop open a good book to read over a hearty breakfast, or maybe even getting dressed straight away and having a walk around the block. The event itself isn't the important part here, it's the knowledge you empower yourself with when you realise 'wow, I don't actually have to do the same, mundane thing every morning, I can absolutely be in the present moment and live life right now.' 

Do some regular deep breathing or meditation.

Now I'm not gonna lie to you, I personally struggle to meditate. I think I have a super-active brain os something that doesn't make the act of meditating all that relaxing for me, in fact it makes me a little restless and agitated tbh  😂 – BUT!  ☝ deep breathing however? That's my jaaaam. And doing first thing in the morning is another way you might change up your routine.

Whichever is most effective for you, the key part here is to observe how much it sloooowwwws everrrrrrythiiiiing doooowwwn so magically, especially at particularly het-up times. No matter the tension, the pressure, the anxiety or the circumstance, deep-breathing is my go-to trick to take my headspace out of the worry-whir of the what-ifs, and straight into the calm and control of the present moment – the bit we have control over – and the bit that brings us contentment.

Clean or organise something really thoroughly.

I touched on this in last week's post as a really effective strategy to combat overwhelm, but it totally applies here too. I think when we're caught up in the day-to-day grind and we're finding it impossible to appreciate the moment, try cleaning or organise something that delivers instant gratification and results. 

Even if it's just organising something like your knicker drawer – chucking out the threadbare period pants and holey tights, pairing up all those stray socks and getting rid of the single souls, and organising them all in a way that makes it a pleasure to open and use every day. This is the kinda juice that can totally impact our happiness levels in the present, and how much we enjoy the rest of the day and week going forward! Win-win. 

Go glitter-hunting on the daily.

Yes that's right, this ol' favourite is back  😁 your badass happiness bank!  😍 I can 100% vouch for the fact that if you commit to end each day with one line of gratitude for a week (or more if you enjoy it!), it will transform how you feel about your life in 7 days.

Now if you've downloaded this resource before then don't worry – just go get it and use it again! But if you're new to the concept, it's important to note that you're not looking for the giant-beams-of-light type happiness here, you're looking for the small-twinkles-of-glitter type happiness (i.e, you're not looking for the 'I've got an awesome new job' kinda happy-news each day, and more the 'I've got the most awesome bezzie, she did the most hilarious fart today' kinda happy-news each day)  😂 It's all about seeing and acknowledging the tiny flecks of glitter that do in fact cover every corner of your life already, you're just never allowing yourself to be in the present moment to be able to love and appreciate them. So go get your own happiness bank here:

Commit to doing one thing each day that makes you feel good.

If you're anything like me, deciding on one thing that makes me feel good is way easier said than done. The default thing (read: easiest thing) that makes me feel good, is doing something for someone else – but this isn't what this task is about. This is about doing something exclusively for you. Reading a book, doing some yoga, painting your nails, watching the Kardashians – the activity isn't the big deal – what is the big deal, is that you know within the each 24 hours, you've got something really lovely to do that's unapologetically about you feeling good. 

And that my friend, sounds like a life worth loving 😊

I think sometimes, we consciously or sub-consciously like being the martyr who doesn't like their life all that much. It gives us something to have a moan about and something to identify with others about too. I get that, I do. But if you've truly had enough and are fed up of your 'lot', I hope you give the above strategies a try to see how different a week of conscious decision-making can make you feel. Trust me when I say that each and every day, the teeny-tiny choices you make, can completely change how you feel about your life. It works for me 100% of the time, no jokes.

So tell me, how do these suggestions make you feel? Excited to try? Cynical to believe? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.

Until next weekend cuteypie 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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