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How do you know if you actually WANT your dream, or not?

How do you know if you actually WANT your dream, or not?

Or is it a dream that’s better off staying in fantasy land? Because it’s hard to reeeeally know isn’t it?

Maybe it’s because there’s so many options whirring around your head, you’ve no idea which option is the best. Or maybe it’s because your dream is so out-there and seemingly so out of reach, you keep it safe in fantasy land because you’d have no idea what to do with it anyway if it did become your real life! 😄

And let’s not forget, dreams that stay dreams can be lifesavers too, especially when life feels particularly sucky. Being able to dream off into fantasy land and pretend to live out your dream future is therapy! It’s a vital bit of hope you need to cling on to sometimes. Why? Because you can comfort yourself with the idea that it might just happen, ‘one day’. You can take solace in the notion that this right now, isn’t all there is, because ‘one day you’ll…’ – But then again, you never take any real steps towards making your ‘one day’ your today, which then keeps you firmly in the loop of things as they are right now probably are all there is.

And maybe that is right. Maybe this is all there is? 😩

Well it’s a good job I’m here to yell at you…

Noooooooo! It’s 1,000,000,000% NOT all there is! 😍

That I can promise you. You’re just yet to fully realise that you WANT what you want!

So how do you know if what you want, IS what you want?

It’s actually, (probably annoyingly!) this really simple process of discovery – you move all the sh*t and gumpf in your mind out the way for a sec, and see what’s left! And by that I mean, all those limitations that you’ve built so high, they’ve virtually formed an impenetrable, impassable wall; all those responsibilities you’ve weighed yourself down with so heavily, you don’t stand a chance of ever attempting to scale said wall; and all those reasons you’ve told yourself why you can’t, scoop ‘em all up, get the Dyson out, feck maybe even go all Marie Kondo on that sh*t, and shove all of it in a cupboard!

Yep. That’s right. Shove all of that baggage into a cupboard for a sec. Sit with what’s left, and then ask yourself, ‘What would I do if nothing was in my way?’

And while I can guess that your default reaction is probably to let those limitations right back out of the cupboard, all guns blazing, yelling ‘Who TF do you think you are to want that?!’ and you come back to me with a ‘But Kerry…’

But don’t. Stop right there. Clock what’s going on, grab those limitations by the short and curlies, shove ‘em back in the cupboard, close that door again (with a lock this time), and ask yourself again, ‘What would I do if nothing was in my way?’

Your answer to what you want is right there.

It may not be what you thought. It maybe exactly what you thought. But that’s what you want. And don’t sneakily and sub-consciously start unlocking that cupboard, allowing those limitations, those responsibilities and those excuses in on the party just yet. I’ve something that can help you with all of those in a minute. Just for now, allow yourself to bask the awesomeness of this access and this clarity. That dream that you’d buried under your sh*t 😉

And d’ye know, I get why the self-doubt, the fear and the inner critic have embedded themselves right in the thick of it, firmly in the place right between where you are and where you wanna be. I know that they’re gonna try EVERYTHING to stand in your way too. (‘Cause lemme tell ye, I know my self-doubts, my fears and my inner critic INTIMATELY! We go waaaaaay back!) And I even get the self-preservation thing of never wanting to even try too – because then you’ll never have to risk it ever not happening. You can sleep safe in the knowledge that while yes, you didn’t do it or try to do it, but by default, you also didn’t fail at it either. And that’s a comfort.

But my sweet potato cakes, what I don’t get, and what I especially don’t want you to get, is regret.

Because this right here is NOT a dress rehearsal.

What we’re in right now, your life, is your only go at this. No re-runs or sequels. And you’ve seen for yourself how quickly time goes. And I’m sure you’ve seen for yourself how life can be ripped out of our grasp in an instant. This isn’t a practice run for the real deal. This is our one and only chance to create the life we want.

If you feel inspired to take this chance and really commit to creating the life you want, if you need a strategy in getting past those limitations, responsibilities and excuses, then get all up in The Imperfect Life® Designer waitlist here. It can help you with moving past all that sh*t and gumpf we mentioned earlier 😉

And if you’re not ready yet, I get it, and I love ye. Just promise me you’ll keep coming back to read these blog posts for the virtual hug they’re intended to be 😊

I hope this has helped give you a bit of clarity (and discomfort!) 😇

Until next weekend gorge 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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