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Having a sh*tty day? Here's 14 ways to turn it around.

Having a sh*tty day? Here's 14 ways to turn it around.

I'm pretty sure that even if you're the most sunshiney, silver-lining-lover out there, you're still gifted with a stonker of a crappy day every now and again. Y'know, the ones that totally wipe out your mojo and zap your happy-powers?

Hmmm, if only there were a bank of tricks that you could crack open every time you feel your day's going belly-up 🤔

✨TAH-DAH!✨ You know I got you 😁

These are all tried and tested techniques that I've personally used on my rubbish-est of rubbish days, (of which, believe it or not, I've had a few). And they always, always get me through, which is why I want to share them with you. [Love it when I'm poet without knowing it]. 💪🏻 So you can basically choose to just give one a go at a time, pick a few to enjoy, or go crazy and blast through them all – the important bit is that you don't ever settle for a crappy day without trying to turn it around. Life's way too short to let yourself have days/weeks/months/years like that.

1. Call or hang out with your BFF.

This probably sounds like a mega obvious one, but when you're bonkers-busy with work or family-life, it's so easy for mates to get pushed to the sidelines. Maybe you're both bonkers-busy which makes it even easier for friendships to slip down the priority list. But truly, never underestimate the power of just sitting on your buddy's sofa, talking nonsense and having a giggle about some of the stuff you used to get up to. It's soooo therapeutic I can't tell you. It takes you back to simpler times, and it reminds you that that stuff right there, the free stuff in life, is the very best stuff. And before you know it, you might've even forgotten why your day was so sh*te, because you're tootling on home to bed with a big, fat smile on your face. Job done. 👊🏻

2. Just move.

And I'm not necessarily talking anything particularly energetic either like running or fully working out if that's not your jam. I just mean taking the time to move your body. It might mean a walk around the block, it might mean a swim at your local pool, it might mean an intense power-lifting session. Whatever it is, just remove yourself from the sedentary-feeling-sh*te-on-the-sofa-ness. Because there's nothing worse than being stuck in one place, dwelling on the fact that your day's so cack. Once you get some fresh blood flowing around your body, I'll defy anyone that tells me they feel worse afterwards. (Unless you break a leg or something, obvs).

3. Numb your mind.

I think we all have our go-to guilty pleasure when it comes to mind-numbing entertainment or activities. Mine is watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I'm not even sorry about it. I freaking love it. It's something I do to escape for 3/4 of an hour, and I enjoy immersing myself in more first-world problems than anyone can possibly shake a stick at. Granted nowadays 'cause of the wee one and my super-crazy schedule, I only get to watch it at 5am on a Monday morning. But that time is oh-so peaceful and MINE. I'm not going to sacrifice it. And you shouldn't sacrifice yours. Maybe for you it's catching up on Love Island, or maybe it's painting your nails, or maybe even colouring in. Whatever it is that switches off your mind and indulges your you-time. Take it, grab it and guard it. Especially on a crappy day.

4. Be unusually nice.

Of course if you're reading this, you're already a super-lovely person and you're always nice ❤️️ but today, on your pap day, be unusually nice. That grumpy dude that lives in your apartment block that you see every day, but never says hello – wait longer than normal to hold the door open for him and give him such a bright and smiley 'hello' he can't help but acknowledge your nice-ness. That miserable dudette working in the coffee shop you always see each morning, but rarely have the time or energy to pass comment – spend a bit longer there today. Ask her how she's doing and what she's up to this weekend. Knowing you might've fundamentally shifted someone else's perception of their own bad day, gives you an awesome step-up into liking yours a lot more too 🙌🏻 

5. Have a good ol' rant.

Let's be honest, on some days, no amount of positive-thinking and good-vibe-hunting is gonna pull you back from a bad day. Sometimes you just need to get a rant out of your system. My only advice here would just be to choose wisely who you rant to; try and avoid ranting to your colleagues or closely-linked mates, you don't want it to come back and bite you on the butt – remember this is supposed to make your day better-er, not worse. Instead, maybe impart your rant-a-thon on someone close you can trust, who might even help you get some perspective too.

6. Breathe – my go-to favourite.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've called on this one and it's dug me out like an old, loyal friend. It's so soooo simple, but so soooo effective. At the peak of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, whatever it is that's making your day stink, just find a quiet little spot, pause for a moment, and just breeeeeeathe. Count 1, 2, 3 slowly on your inhale, then count 1, 2, 3 slowly on your exhale. I only need to repeat this five times max. and I'm super-chill afterwards, ready to return to whatever got under my skin, and boss all over it. Seriously, try it if you haven't already.

7. Spoil yourself with treats.

Now the definition of a 'treat' is totally subjective, so literally go to town if you like and splurge on those designer jeans you've been eyeballing for months, if that's your 'treat'. For me, a simple Double Decker tends to do it. Just a quiet moment between me, my nougat, my biscuity bit and my Cadbury chocolate, and I'm dusted off, ready to get back on that horse 😇 and even if you need multiple treats to flip that frown right upside down, do it. Today of all days. You're worth it 💋

8. Turn up the volume of gratitude.

By that I mean, we all have that quiet voice that knows how we should be grateful for things like our health, our family, our home. The important stuff. But we all allow it to become quieter and quieter, especially on a super-crap day. My technique is to make a concerted effort to turn that voice back up to full volume, yep, maybe even louder than your regular voice, because truly there is so much to be grateful for. There is so much good stuff in our lives that we choose to overlook when life feels sucky. And ironically, it's because we've turned down our gratitude volume, that we're letting a sh*tty day get to us. Handily for you, if you need a bit of help turning up that gratitude volume, I've made a wee free worksheet that'll help you out with just that 👇🏻

9. Make yourself giggle like a six year old girl being tickled.

I'm talking can't-breathe giggles here. So you've gotta go all in and make this happen. If you need to crack open your dusty DVD collection, download the latest episode of You've Been Framed, open a new YouTube tab watching models in crazy high heels falling over, whatever it is that tickles your funny bone, hunt it down and use it. Because you need to laugh!

10. Sing like a dying cat or dance like a tit.

In honesty, this works best in a solitary environment 😁 not just for your public image, but to also completely let yourself go. Because what you want here is not a perfect rendition of I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston, warbles and all, we want the shocking X-Factor-reject's rendition of I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. I promise you, the worse the note-holding, and the higher the volume, the more effective the outcome. The same goes for the dancing option. Get yourself in front of a mirror, wop on your favourite tune, dance like a pleb and feel the cack-ness from the day just disappear.*

*Disclaimer: I'm fully aware that I sound like a complete lunatic suggesting these activities, but for real, do not knock it until you've tried it. 

11. Take a shower

I love this one, mainly as I have such a complex love/hate relationship with showers 😂 On one hand, I loathe the thought of having to have a shower – the prospect of having to find at least half an hour out of my day, and then faff with drying/styling my hair while my one year old is curious to know what happens when her finger goes in the nearby plug socket. Whereas on the other hand, I freaking love being in the shower and feeling all clean, and tbh I never wanna leave! I told you it was complex 😂 So that's what I'm recommending to you, no matter how you feel about it: get in that shower. It'll wash away the finest of sh*te days.

12. Do impromptu hugs.

I'm not necessarily recommending stranger-danger-hugs here, I'm more talking about the hugs of people you already know and love, but often forget to hug in the bustle of life. So whether you live with your partner, your folks, or a mate, give them a hug when they're not expecting it. It might feel weird (and surprising to them) at first, but I'm pretty confident they'll reciprocate the hug backatcha. Then breathe that baby in, don't rush it. It's freaking bonkers how much the human touch can lift you up. See, now didn't that God-awful day just get lovely again? 😍

13. Ditch Facebook.

It's weird how Facebook is one of those can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em kinda things init? And I think in the instance of you having a whopper of a day, popping into the Facebook rabbit-hole is not gonna make things any better. Sure, you might see a funny gif on the off-chance, but more likely than not, you'll also be confronted with horrible news stories, followed by some folk having the absolute time of their life in the Maldives while you're still drying off from the rainstorm you got caught up in, followed by some health warning that everything you eat is going to kill you and...you get the picture. So I guess this is more of a damage-control tactic than anything else. Save your rabbit-hole for a stronger, more smilier day.

14. Just go outside.

And this applies come rain, shine or snow. Just. be. outside. Breathe in the air. You don't even have to go far. Just standing still is better than nothing! The point is, being outside in the open air really helps us get some perspective; it really helps to remind us how small and insignificant we are on the planet; it really helps us remember how small and insignificant our rubbish day is in the grand scheme of things too. And it's 100% free! 💪🏻

There's an interesting vein that runs through all of these tricks – did you notice what it is? 👉🏻 It's taking the time to do something for, and only for: YOU.

Sounds a bit obvious when you think about it right? Which also probably means, the reason you're having a sh*tty day in the first place, is that you've forgotten yourself in the process. Maybe you've spent your whole day minding/running around after/working hard for someone else, and you've poured all your mojo and happy-powers into pleasing others, rather than reserving a tiny slice of that just for you. Sound familiar?

Well now you have an arsenal of tricks up your sleeve for whenever that uninvited, sh*tty day decides to make another appearance. And you've no excuses but to turn that day around and do some stuff for you. You're welcome 😇  

So until next time, may you have a week of wonderful, un-crappy days 😁

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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