The Imperfect Life – your cure for perfection and #failurefear

You're here 'cause something needs to change in your life. I want to show you, for FREE, how I changed mine.

Founder of The Imperfect Life – Kerry Lyons

Where you're at:

Maybe your perfectionism isn't just a 'quirky' mental state anymore, or a half-hearted excuse for your 'weakness' in job interviews, but it's making you put the skids on cool opportunities opening up to you in real life.

Or maybe your debilitating fear of failure is making way more decisions on your behalf than you realised, and you and/or your ambitions are stuck in one super-sticky rut with no clear way out. 

Where you wanna be:

I'm here to tell you, you don't need to stand for that Debbie-downer, inner bossy b*tch calling the shots anymore. And I know because I've been there, and I promise you, you get to boss her around.

You can create the life you want, you can rev-up your creativity and productivity no matter what life throws at you, and most importantly, you can be content with wherever you are on your journey.


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So how do you get from where you're at to where you wanna be?

Here's how it works.

You just need to download my weekly worksheet and print one each month (your worksheet covers four weeks y'see). Then make a two minute appointment with yourself each week. That's all. Dos minutos.

And in that two minutes, note down the mistakes you made that week. If you didn't make any at all, I don't believe you :) or you're not trying hard enough. Start again. With every mistake you made and noted, think about what you did wrong, and work out the lesson that came within it. Because there always is one. If you need some help finding the lesson – read this.

Being able to look back on a physical record of your learnings really does help commit them to memory, and I wrote this post on the benefits and science behind writing things down. Combine that with the mindfulness of observing your mistakes and lessons, and you create one super-powerful, crazy-effective strategy to truly cure you from perfection and #failurefear. 

Y'see mistakes are where the MAGIC happens. 

I've been using the process of this worksheet for a year now, and my creativity and productivity has soared – so much so that The Imperfect Life™ was born alongside me becoming a mother for the first time, doing two online courses, running my existing retail and wholesale business and working on design projects with clients! And it's not just impacted my creativity and productivity output, but my time management capabilities, and my happiness levels too. My inner perfectionist is still there and always will be, but she isn't the boss any more. And that's the key part; my cuter, inner #imperfectionista is! :)

I'm here because I want that for you too. And to kick-start your new way of thinking, my FREE bonus scope sheet will help you really get to thinking about what this year could mean for you if you've no failure to fear. What could you achieve? What could you be celebrating at the end of this year? Just think about that for a second.


But don't just take my word for it.

Sara Blakely is the super-inspiring, self-made billionaire CEO of Spanx. She has embraced and celebrated her mistakes on a weekly basis from a young age around the dinner table, and continues to with her entire team at Spanx. To Sara, failure is not making mistakes, failure is not trying.

Not a bad example of failures being fundamental to someone's success.

So are you ready for things to change?

Pop in your deets below and I'll email you links to download your FREE worksheets straight away. Your cure could start today! 

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