Are we really breaking up? 😢 Or going steady? 😊

So I'm all GDPR-fancy now. Which basically means, 1. I don't wanna break the law   😇 and 2. I wanna make sure you only get to hear about the stuff you actually wanna hear about. As of May 25th 2018, I'm no longer able to contact you about stuff you haven't specifically asked for, and rightfully so. But this also means, if you don't let me know what you wanna hear about before this date, we're gonna have to break up   😔 And that makes me super-sad 'cause we've had such a ball together.

Know that your time, privacy and personal information are super-precious to me and no third parties are given access to the information you share. Plus you can unsubscribe really easily any time at the bottom of any email I send if you change your mind. And that's a promise. But anyway, no-one's got time for emails of zero interest right?

So tell me what you wanna hear and I'll take care of it 💋

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