How to live The Imperfect Life®


Let me just tell it like it is: living The Imperfect Life® is the secret to making your dreams actually happen.

It’s the imperfect-but-failure-proof path to finding your thing, creating the career or business you were made for, and finally breaking free from that day job. It’s not meant to be easy, but I want to show you why that is actually the bloody best bit.


Y’see, chasing your dream, and creating a career or business that work for you [rather than the other way around] has never been easier, and I mean in the-entire-existence-of-humans-easier. You can connect with potential mentors or customers in a matter of minutes, you can start learning or earning at the clack of some buttons while you’re sat on your sofa licking an ice lolly, and you can do it all without losing the security of your salary. Minimal effort, minimal resources, minimal risk.

How and ever. That also makes it super-easy for anyone to do it, right? Which also then makes for a noisy, saturated landscape where you immediately feel deflated because someone out there’s already ‘doing something similar’. There’s too much competition.

This then inevitably whips up its own delicious cocktail of comparisonitis, self-doubt, inferiority, overwhelm, perfectionism, self-loathing – you name it, it’s in there (and I know there’s way more). So you talk yourself out of starting, or maybe you ‘kinda’ start, but don’t really take it anywhere, because you don’t know how, or really believe that you can.

So you carry on with your job pretending you’re kinda okay with that. That ‘this kinda life’ just isn’t meant for people like you, right?


That hankering inside of you to be finding and living your thing, ‘doing something’ with your life and making your mark on the world is always there. That whispering in your ear. That poke every now and again. Not letting you escape the fact that you were made for more than what you have right now. And let me say, there’s no fecking shame in that btw. For wanting more. For knowing you can give more. In fact there’s ZERO wrong with wanting a better, happier, more fulfilling life for yourself.


If anything, (‘cause I know you struggle with putting yourself first), I’mma flip it around for you – you’re on this planet ahead of a lot of people who wanted to be here, but couldn’t. They didn’t get their shot at life. So you kinda owe it to them, but more so yourself, to make this privilege of life freaking COUNT my friend.

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But let’s just pop back to the start for a sec.

The bit where I spoke about creating a career or business that work for you. The bit where you got that teeny-tingle of excitement, that buzz of possibility, that flash of inspiration where you allowed yourself, just momentarily, to think, ‘Hang on, maybe I could…?’ 🤔

(Yes btw. You 100% could. There’s no reason whatsoever why you couldn’t).

But just sit in that thought for a second. Savour it. Taste it.

“I could…”

And if you open yourself up to being 100% coachable and sticking around with me, that’s exactly where you’re heading honey. Away from your ‘shoulds’, into your ‘coulds’, and straight towards your dreams.

Not only can I share all the tips and tricks and tactical strategies with you that have brought me to this point in my career and business (which are super-valuable for sure), but even more importantly than that, I can call you out on your sh*t honey. I can spot your limiting beliefs in a hot minute. I can unpack your made-up self-stories quicker than I can unpack my Tesco food shopping too. How? Because I’ve heard and seen them all. From my clients who I’ve helped…

The Imperfect Life Designer testimonials
The Imperfect Life Designer testimonials

But more so, from myself.

Because I am you. I’ve been right there where you’re sitting. So I know exactly what’s holding you back, and exactly what you need to do to stop it. But I won’t mother you and cotton-wool-you so you don’t experience the tough bits. I don’t want to deprive you of the challenges, the mistakes, the flops and the falls – because they’re the very things that’ll shape you. You need them in fact.

THEY ARE THE epitome of the imperfect life (and the BLOODY BEST BITS).

When you work with me and step into living your version of #theimperfectlife, you get to truly understand that your mistakes are where it’s AT. You truly get to see that ‘stuff’ is actually happening FOR you, not TO you. You truly get to see that every obstacle, challenge and rejection, are essential stepping stones in priming you for your greatness that lies ahead. And my favouritist best bit of them all? 👉🏻 You truly get to witness, in real-time, the person you’re becoming as a result of all that. You get to enjoy your freaking journey.

And *THAT* is what I’m here to help you do.

I’m here to assure you that if someone is out there already ‘doing something similar’ it’s a freaking GREAT thing, not something to be in fear of. I’m here to assure you that comparisonitis, self-doubt, inferiority, overwhelm, perfectionism, self-loathing et al, don’t need to be ‘fixed’ before you can start, because tbh – they never go away (but I can help you get better at mastering ‘em). I’m here to assure you that ‘your people’ need you right now, exactly as you are and exactly where you are on your journey. I’m here to confirm that yes, a lot of people might find it easy to start, but actually – not a lot of people find it easy to stick around = more room for you ‘cause if you’re with me, you’re in it for the long haul, right? 😉 I’m here to give you a tactical framework to build from, but also to help you face the tough bits head on and guide you through them as they happen. I’m here to encourage you to be challenged, make mistakes, flop and fall, then show you how to sift through the rubble and find that freaking gold you were needing all along.

I’m here to help you step into the person you need to become to get everything you ever wanted, and I’m here to chink our champagne flutes together at the end of it all.

#theimperfectlife is exhilarating, it’s squiggly, it’s imperfect AF!

But OMG is it worth it.



Because you’re the 1%! Feels kinda cool, right? Almost like a swish, exclusive club! And what is this 1%? You’re the 1% of people who are still here, reading this. In fact, you’re so much into the 1%, your sub-conscious is sooo all in on this, you probably don’t even realise it yet! 😄 ha!

But most importantly, this 1% means that YOU my friend, are exactly who I created this whole business for. The 1% who are finally ready to do this thing.

You came into my orbit for a reason. Feck, you read this far for a reason – because we have a connection. However early, or established a connection that is at this point doesn’t really matter I don’t think – you’re drawn to me because you can see yourself in me, and I’d probably see myself in you too.

So you have a choice right now. A fork in the road. Are you going to take the safe road that’s going to take you where you’ve always driven? Or are you going to try the road that’s gonna test out your tyres, but promises you the ride of your life?

If you want the ride of your life, keep reading.

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Gah! I love you already honey. You kept reading! 😍 You and I are gonna get on an absolute treat.

And here’s where you can best get started:


It was a game changer taking your course. I dunno how you did it, but whatever you did, it works!

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Alumni @ The Imperfect Life® Designer