Are you wanting to live the life of your dreams – but you’ve no idea what that even looks like, let alone how you can go about getting it?

Kerry Lyons – about The Imperfect Life™

And instead all you find yourself googling is 'am I having some kind of quarter-life crisis'?! Just relax for a sec. Deep breaths. I got you 💋 

I’m Kerry, I’m a quarter-life-crisis-and-depression-thriver (oh yes, not just a survivor honey), and this site is your sanctuary from all the craziness of adulting. In fact, here’s a 👉🏻HUG👈🏻 to help you start getting settled in.

Now, feet up please, here’s a 🍺, come tell me all about it.

Did you assume you’d have everything sorted by now? Are you feeling pretty panicked by the prospect of ‘this’, right now, being all there is? Have you tirelessly tried to create ‘perfect’ and ‘happy’ up until now, but always ended up with ‘meh’ instead? Have you spent so much time people-pleasing that you don’t even really know where to begin knowing what you actually want? Well, I want to help you with just that.

I’ve been there and very much felt all of those things, which is why I’m here and why The Imperfect Life® exists – for you. Now I’m in no way a certified psychologist or a trained counsellor, and nor do I want to be. But what I am, is a practitioner who's lived through the struggle, made it through the other side more empowered and more focused, and I want to help create that change for you too. I don’t want to patronise you with industry-jargon or a hard-sell. Your struggle is real. I feel you. But I do want to help minimise your struggle (or hopefully even help you welcome it with open arms. Yep, I’m on THAT much of a mission!)

Y’see my first foray into adulthood delivered me a FULL. ON. quarter-life crisis. It involved grieving three consecutive deaths very close to my heart, ending a 12-year relationship, getting full-blown depression, selling my gorgeous home, quitting my 'dream job', moving in with my Dad on the other side of the city with no friends for support, and then running away to the west coast of America by myself (when I’d only ever caught the train to London alone before). Pretty dramatic stuff right? I'd worked so damn hard at making everything 'perfect' up until that point, but that 'perfect' didn't make me happy and I had no idea why. I felt stuck, hopeless and lost. But the good news? 

I completely changed my mindset by choosing to show up for myself, and stop living for everyone else. And I finally freed myself from trying to achieve ‘perfection’ – by allowing myself to experience a gorgeously messy adventure instead.
— Kerry Lyons

And omigosh, I would love to help you learn how to do that too so you can feel crazy-excited about your future! 👏🏻

If you’d love some non-judgey support, guidance and virtual-hugs along your own crazy road through adulting, (that doesn’t involve sitting on an intimidating couch and pouring out your life story to a stranger), then try out my FREE weekly pep-talk right here.

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Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D