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Kerry 💋

Are you stuck in a job that you don't want honey? Read this.

Are you stuck in a job that you don't want honey? Read this.

If you’ve tapped to read this post because the headline spoke to you, I firstly want to give you a big fat virtual hug my friend 👉❤️️👈 I hope you can feel it.

‘Cause honey honey honey, this is a tough one isn’t it? To feel like the life that you’re living isn’t your own 😞 to be blindsided by the realisation that the very life and career you’ve created and have been building for years doesn’t make you happy. In fact, it actually kinda hurts right?

And I know that it hurts because OMG have I been there. I’ve an acute recollection of dragging myself up out of bed in the morning, ‘existing’ through my day job like some kind of emotion-less, yet high-achieving robot, and then staying up way too late to simply try to distract my mind at night. (Which obviously then left me exhausted the following morning, and thus, the inevitable cycle continued).

I can still almost feel that hollowness of living my life in groundhog day, on autopilot, just going through the motions, hoping or waiting for something to change. In honesty, legit years would pass me by, and as a result, I’d feel further and further disconnected from who I was, more and more unclear on what I wanted, and less and less motivated to do anything about it. (Read = STUCK AF). And if you can relate to any of this, this is why I wanted to start this up with my big fat virtual hug. Because some days, it does hurt like hell doesn’t it? The loudest roar inside of you to want to change, but the part of you that has the power to take action, feels almost disconnected and out of your control.

And let me tell ye, I did just hope and wait for something to change rather than do anything about it. For a long long time in fact. And do you know where it got me? To the depths of depression. And you can read more on my story here.

But let’s not dwell on the painful bit and put all our energy there. That’s the bit we already know intimately ay, that’s the bit where we put a lot of our energy already 😊 How’s about we turn our attention to the other bit? The bit where we’ve occasionally let ourselves daydream for a split-second. The bit where we’ve let a little bit of light in, a smidge of excitement, a dash of possibility. The bit, however momentary and fleeting it might be, where we’ve seen that things could be different.

And I want to turn our focus there, because let me tell ye honey, things can be different.

NEWSFLASH: If you feel unfulfilled in your work, that’s a massive sign that you were made 👏 for 👏 more 👏

Even if your job right now doesn’t fulfil you in the slightest, the fact that you feeeeel that and know that, translates into the fact that you want more. Right? And the fact that you therefore want more, translates into the fact that you were made for more.

Think about it.

Not everyone wants to change their life. I have a number of dear friends who literally want nothing more than what they have now. They lead beautifully simple lives, in beautifully simple jobs and they’re content. And I’m thrilled for them! If like them, you probably weren’t made for more (which is beautiful and wonderful in itself), you wouldn’t be in the least bit bothered or affected by an unfulfilling job. In fact, it would therefore be your dream job! You’d be in your happy place living a beautifully simple life. You’d be completely content in the knowledge that you’re living the life you want to live.

But listen to yourself. You’re reading this post because you’re not living the life you want to live honey. You’re not content. You’re reading this post because you are made for more.

So say you’re hearing what I’m saying. Then what?

You’ve got to turn your attention to the bit where you’ve occasionally let yourself daydream 😊

Because right now, you probably think your daydreams are just playful, innocent passing thoughts that are meaningless in the scheme of things. But I have a different take on them darl. What if those fleeting sparkles of positivity, of creativity, of barmy ideas in those moments, are your inner coach’s attempts at showing you what’s possible for you? What if those brief moments of excitement and light and positivity, are your instincts yelling at you to go listen to them for a change?

I heard the epic author David Bach phrase this beautifully…

“Are you going to listen to the little girl who wants to play? Or the big girl who’s scared?”
— David Bach

Because the little girl inside of you knows instinctively what makes you happy. She knows instinctively that the risk of the unknown in the direction of your dreams is the only way for you to feel alive and fulfilled. But the big girl inside of you, she’s scared of the unknown. She talks down to you to keep you small. She wants to make you feel ‘less than’ so you stay where you are and don’t make her more scared. And I know the big girl shouts louder than the little girl, but my friend, you actually have a CHOICE on who you listen to.


So if at this point, you feel pulled to hear the little girl out for a moment. If at this point you feel pulled by the idea of perhaps making a difference in the world, finding your thing, making a living doing what you love and being able to quit that job…

Then you need to start the process of finding [and living] your thing my friend.

And I wholly appreciate I’ve simplified that down to a seemingly very straight-forward task. Believe me when I say, it’s not a straight-forward, simple task. In fact, it’s way more of a messy, squiggly, [but insanely fulfilling] process, that takes a hella lotta time, discomfort, resistance and growth.

But the good news for you is, I’ve got the time to guide you through that process. In fact, I feel called to guide you through that process. I’ve walked this exact road myself and I know I can help you walk it too. Step by step. Defeating challenge after challenge. Facing battle after battle. Standing up to your inner critic. I’ve got you.


Because I believe in you. You’ve read this far, and that counts for so much more than you probably realise right now.

So at this point, you have a choice, you’re at a fork in the road. Do you close this page and continue on with your day, without changing a thing? Do you stay in that stuckness because ya know, even though it sucks, it’s safe right? It’s familiar. You know you’ve survived there this long, you could probably just keep going?

OR, do you come and register for one of my free live classes? From Sunday 23rd June through to Thursday 27th June, I’m hosting a free, live class titled ‘The 3 steps to start finding [and living] your thing’. And I’m going to walk you through these three steps in detail. They’re the same three steps I’ve taken to go from depressed in a job that didn’t fit me, to building a business that challenges me and lights me up like nothing else. And they’re the same three steps I’ve guided my students through too in The Imperfect Life® Designer program. (Plus, by registering for a class, you also get a super-cool lil’ workbook to complete in the class to download and keep too!) 👏

So my friend, if you’re ready to truly hear that little girl out, come choose your class here, and I can’t wait for us to hang out!

Until next week gorge 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D

PS, If you’ve already attended my live class and you want to join the VIP waitlist for The Imperfect Life® Designer (which btw, means you get access 24 hours before ANYONE ELSE, AND you get the most awesome treat when doors open!) come sign up here. I’m so freaking excited about what’s ahead for you 😍

Dream-chasing through adversity, with Marlena Burton of Still Here. Still Sexy®.

Dream-chasing through adversity, with Marlena Burton of Still Here. Still Sexy®.

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