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5 must-dos to stop dreaming [and actually start living] your dream.

5 must-dos to stop dreaming [and actually start living] your dream.

I wrote last week about how 2018 is finally the year (after 10 years of my self-employment journey!), of going full-time on The Imperfect Life® as my business.

Yeeee-freaking-haaaaa! 💃🏻

And no matter what happens as a result of that decision, (because I'm not gonna sugar-coat it, there's a huge amount of risk and faith-leaping involved), I can hand on heart say – living that is a total dream come true. I went from thinking about my dream, to actually living it, and here's how you can too.

Now I think a huge part of why dreaming about stuff you want is so fun, is that you kinda know in the back of your mind that it's never reeeeally gonna happen; that you're 'safe' to dream because you don't reeeeally ever have to do anything about it. You don't have to endure the upheaval to change anything in your life to make it a reality – because to dream about it is pleasure enough. But when that dream becomes a recurring one over an extended period of time that you can't mute; when you can't actually escape the idea of your dream no matter what life choices you make; when it starts to sink in that this dream isn't so much a 'dream' anymore – it's something you actually have to do, that's when the game changes. That's when you know your gut is talking to you. And that's when you absolutely have to listen. But what the hell do you do next? 🤷🏻‍♀️

1. You've gotta hear your fear.

At a guess – a big part of why your dream is your dream, is because it's bigger than any reality you could possibly imagine, right? The idea of actually living your dream feels so far-fetched, there's an insane amount of fear keeping you where you're at now, and blocking you from where you could be. After all, your dream is a complete unknown to you, no wonder you're terrified of it happening! But lemme tell ye – feeling fear is a good thing. Not only has your in-built fear mechanism kept you (and the entire human race) alive and protected from danger, but it also demonstrates to you that you're in a period of growth and expansion – THAT is the juicy bit that indicates you're on exactly the right path.

So don't try and ignore your fear and push past it with brute force, hear it out. Listen to what it has to say and journal it out. What are you scared of when it comes to chasing your dream? When we can see it written down in front of us, it instantly loses some gravitas. It instantly becomes less overbearing. It instantly becomes something you might just actually be able to work through. Because you're a resilient person, you've been through some sh*t and d'ye know what? You're still here. You know if your fear became real, of course you'd still survive. And there you have it; you've seen that it actually doesn't need to be all that scary, you have all you need to know to go forth and conquer  👉🏻 you'd survive. 

2. Value the tiny steps.

Working towards fulfilling a dream takes a helluva lot of commitment, grit and hellbent consistency. We have lives to live and responsibilities to be responsible for, so carving time for dream-hunting is no walk in the park. (Which is why, not many people actually pursue their dreams, because of the sheer volume of effort involved). So when you make the decision to get up at 5am to get that hour in before your normal day starts, when you sacrifice lunchtimes and evenings with friends to pour energy into dream-building, when you start working at 11pm when everyone else is asleep – those tiny slices of half an hours mean everything. They are everything. They truly are monumental, and you should never underestimate a single one of them. 

Sure it's nice to fantasise about having a whole lotta free time to work on your dream, but it's not reality. So really place a lot of value on those tiny steps, because they add up to giant leaps lemme tell ye.

3. Visualise the bejaysus out of your vision.

This is particularly useful when you're in peak-anxiety-mode. Maybe you're about to do a specific activity that'll bring you closer to living your dream, but it's so far out of your comfort zone you legit wanna vom (been there!  🙋🏻 ). Or maybe you're about to try something new for the first time and your nerves are shot. Whatever the scenario, you're in a place of anxiety and nervousness because you're focusing on the worst-case scenario of said event – your anxiety and nervousness is just your out-dated fear-o-meter trying to protect you. So instead  👉🏻 visualise the bejaysus out of the best-case scenario. By that I mean, finding a quiet corner to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and vividly paint a picture of the alternative series of events – the version where you freaking kill it and the best possible outcome happens. By doing this, you're quite literally flipping the script on how things are gonna go, you're tuning your energy into 100% posivibes, and you're stating to the universe, and yourself, exactly how this baby's gonna play out.

I can't tell you the amount of times I've done this exercise, and it's totally saved me from losing my mind (and kept me focused in the direction of my dream)  😁 in fact, I'd go as far to say, when done at a particularly poignant, anxious moment, it's one of the most powerful exercises you could ever do. Strongly recommending this one!

4. See your mistakes as gold-dust.

Because when you're dipping your toes out of your comfort-zone, you're also dipping your toes into the greater possibility of making a mistake or five. And please hear me when I say this honey  🙏🏻 that's no bad thing! 

Don't ever see your mistakes as reasons to quit, or as confirmation that you suck, see them as the most priceless opportunities to hone your craft, because that's exactly what they are. In fact, the whole ethos behind The Imperfect Life® Planner is exactly that too – it teaches you over time how to learn to love your mistakes. I mean, how can you not love and appreciate something that brings you such a priceless opportunity to learn, time after time?

5. Make yourself accountable.

Easier said than done I know, but if you're anything like me, you need that sense of accountability to be able to deliver on stuff. The amount of stops I pull out when I know someone's counting on me is insane, especially compared to the amount of stops I never pull out when it's me counting on me! So the way I manage that is that I make mini-commitments to people on a regular basis. The only way in my overflowing email inboxes get dealt with, is rather than waiting for a window of time when I'll be able to respond at length (never happenin'!) – I let them know a day/time I'll get back to them and just stick to it; if I'm developing a product that'll help me work toward fulfilling my dream, I let my audience know it's coming so they can hold me to it; if I've discussed some key decisions and deadlines for myself when I've worked with a coach, I deliver on them so I don't feel flaky or unable to fulfil a commitment to them. I basically force accountability into the equation, and it makes sh*t happen!

All in all, there's a bunch of mindset shifts that you need to work through, adapt from and move forward with to take a dream from sleep-state to real-life state, but I genuinely believe Marty McFly was bang on the money 😁;

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
— Marty McFly, Back to the Future

Now if you're in a place of really wanting to put your mind into accomplishing something you want (not just stay dreaming about it), then to be honest, I think you and I will get on an absolute treat my friend  🙌🏻 'cause I'm allllll about the action takers  😎 Which makes this the perfect time to let you know that I've five super-special spots opening up in the coming weeks for my 3-month 'game changer' coaching package!  😍 Its focus is all about making. things. happen. for you. And I truly mean that  😊 if you're waiting for some kind of sign to finally change your game; if you need that hands-on level of accountability to make sure you deliver on it; if you wanna be propelled into action and be in a completely different head (and potentially life) space by December ready to kick off the new year, then fill out the form below!  👏🏻 squeeee!!! I honestly can't wait to hear from you!

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I hope this was of some value on your dream-living mission. If you know someone that needs to hear this too, it'd mean so so much to me if you shared it with them  🙏🏻 until next weekend sexypants, big fat 💋

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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