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How to feel the fear and do it anyway.

How to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Wow, this week has been such a monumental week, not just in my business, but in my life tbh. So I felt I couldn't just sit down and write a regular blog post for you. This week had to be more than that.

Y'see, in this week's post, I have to talk about what I'm doing right this moment, in the hope that it might spur something on inside of you too 👉🏻 to punch fear in the face and go after your own dream, for real this time.

So whether you're aware or not, I've basically dedicated more than the last 12 months of my life to developing this idea, a pipe-dream if you will, that I had way-back-when. This idea struck me deeper than any other idea I've ever had [and believe me, as a creative aul soul, I've had a few!]. But literally, it struck me to the point of me actually getting emotionally overwhelmed by it. I'm not talking full-on, snot-bubble-tears thankfully, but yes, proper-tears and face-wafts were present 😂 which I know sounds ridiculous to some (unless you've felt that feeling yourself of course. In which case you know exactly what I mean).

That overwhelming emotion was basically from the realisation that I HAD to do this. I HAD to follow through this time and do whatever I possibly could to try and make this come to life. No matter what doubts, fears or worries I had, and no matter how big a challenge was ahead (a big one!). That certainty came from the realisation that this idea was bigger than me and my business. It wasn't about making profits, it wasn't about brand-building, it was about creating something that I knew could make a difference in people's lives. It suddenly almost felt like it was a duty y'know? Couple that with the mindset that life is for freaking LIVING, not observing, I then de-snotted my nose 🤧, dried my eyes, and off I went all fired up and raring to go 💪🏻

But then after that honeymoon period of excitement wore off, (which it inevitably will, whatever your 'dream' might be), maaaaan it got tough. Wow. Like crazy-tough. Your mind has a feckin' awful habit of building you up, to yank you right back down again. It's there all cheerleady and encouragey saying "C'mon girlfriend, let's do this! This is it! This is your time sista! Oh and here's some butterflies to boot!" 🙌🏻 ...only to then the following day say, "Haha, seriously?! You believed all that?! There's no WAY you can make this happen! What on earth made you think you could?! You're just an average Joe-Soap, always have been average, always will be average. Don't get above your station. Just stick to what you know – it's safe there, no-one judges you there, and y'know, you're doing okay there hun. Don't risk messing that up."

And then, like usual, you agree, and you retreat. You crawl back into your cosy shell that you know so well, you re-evaluate and say,  'Hey, maybe where I am isn't so bad after all. At least I know what I'm doing here...' and you trundle on doing mundane laps around square one again.

Well I've good news for you honey, this time isn't 'like usual'. Because now you have me in your corner 😇 

Y'see I know why your mind loves to drag you back down to earth. And it's actually because it's being super-cute and it wants to protect you. Us having fear as humans is an essential survival skill; it warns us from danger, from the unknown – it essentially wants to keep us alive. (But thankfully, most of us don't need to hunt in a loin cloth for our sweet potato fries anymore, they sometimes even come pre-cooked and everything). It's also a reeeeeally good sign if you feel that horrible sense of discomfort from pushing yourself out of what's familiar to you – because it means you're forcing yourself to grow and conquer. Fear is meant to try and scare you and put you off from that, because it thinks you're safest back home in your shell, (which you probably are tbh). But your goal isn't 'safe' is it? 

So guess what? ⚡ NEWSFLASH: You can legit override this fear. Just like I did. Wanna know how I did it? By literally just making a decision;

To feel the fear and do it anyway.

It was inevitable I was going to feel terrified every damn day, but I decided when I did feel like that, I was gonna crack on anyway. It was a certainty that I was going to feel completely inadequate every damn day, but I decided when I did feel like that, I was gonna crack on anyway. It was impossible for me not to feel completely overwhelmed and all alone doing this, and...you guessed it...I decided when I did feel like that, I was gonna crack on anyway. That was my decision, and now you're gonna make that decision too 😇 k?

But why do you need to make that decision?

Because that fear isn't going anywhere my friend. You're never gonna wake up and suddenly feel fearless of everything and 'ready for anything from now on', I'm still very much feeling my fears and will continue too I'm sure. You're never going to master being brave enough to bank on yourself 100% of the time either, you will always have doubts in your ability. But what you do have, is the choice to listen to those doubts, or not. That is your fearlessness. That is your decision.

So here I am, six days into launching my Kickstarter campaign for The Imperfect Life® Planner, having chosen to feel the fear and do it anyway. And it. is. terrifying, lemme tell ye 😂 There isn't a waking moment in a day that I'm not a) stirring with anxiety, wondering if I'm actually going to make this happen and reach my crazy-ambitious funding goal, or b) working my ass off trying to reach out to folk to get as many eyes on my campaign as possible. I don't have a massive audience like most successful Kickstarter campaigns do, I don't have a fat book of influential contacts either. I'm literally just an average Joe-Soap with an insane work ethic, crazy-determination and a dream. The odds are most certainly stacked against me and I was fully aware of that going into it. But no way am I going to let that stop me trying! 👊🏻

So why am I being relentless and outwardly fearless in pursuing this, if I know there's a strong likelihood that I'll royally, and very publicly 'fail'? 👉🏻 Because 'winning' or 'losing' isn't the bit that matters my friend, and whether you 'fail' or not yourself, shouldn't be the bit that matters to you either.

Of course I'll be disappointed if come September 1st, all those crazy-generous, unbelievably-supportive and heartwarmingly-wonderful investors aren't able to be rewarded – that'll be heartbreaking! 💔 But Heavens to Betsy, how much will I have learnt – about myself, about my new supporters, about my loyal tribe, about marketing, about crowdfunding – in what will probably be the most intense four weeks of my life?! How much will I grow as a person, as a business owner, as a mentor? How much will I gain from this experience? Enough that I'm willing to take a shot at it, that's how much. And knowing I have a dream and I'm doing everything in my power to realise it, makes me feel very content and sleep very sweetly (in the few short hours I do sleep with a forever-teething baby mind!) 😂😵 It's never about trying to reach that point where everything's perfect, or reach a stage where you're perfect at doing everything either, it's about accepting that life can only, and should only, be imperfect, it's so much more fun this way lemme tell ye 😇 I've tried both.

And that my sunshine, is how you feel the fear and do it anyway; be fully aware of your fears, hear them, know they're there and thank them for trying to protect you the whole way, but if it's something you really want, crack on regardless! You're making a decision on it this time. It's fo-sho not easy, believe me, I feel you completely, but it's quite literally as simple as it sounds. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

So tell me, when are you taking that leap of faith in yourself? 👏🏻 What's the worst thing your mind's told you about yourself that's stopped you before? What's the one thing you'd love to happen in 2018? Spill all below. I wanna hear it all!!! 😍 And if you know two people in your inner or outer circle that you think need to hear this, make sure they see it. It might just change everything for them. Love yas xo

Big love and all the feels, Kerry :D
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